I'm not the most technical person when it come to computers, but is there a way of down loading your training logs off your watch onto an iPad 


  • You can upload your Garmin data with the ipad if you get the wahoo key, beware that you may need the connector adaptor if your ipad has the newer small connector. The Garmin iPad adapter ironically won't work.

  • Ok and what is the wahoo key and where do I get one, I'm guessing you can't use a ant stick to down load

  • Its a dongle for the iPhone that works with the Wahoo app The Ant + USB stick won't work unfortunately. It's a bit clunky with wahoo, you need to import tThe workout to the Wahoo app from your watch and then you can upload that to Garmin Connect. You can get it on Amazon or most cycle shops.

  • Ok cheers I will look in to it


  • - but be warned it does not work for all ANT+ Garmin devices, so check that yours is supported before buying their rather expensive dongle. The FR 405 / 405CX / 410 family do not work with the Wahoo Key.

    For those with Android tablets or phones, many recent devices with USB Host support will recognise an ANT+ USB stick and sync with

  • For a complete description plus photos, see

    The best resource out there for all fitness devices!

  • Cheers people, looked into this now and it looks as if I can get it to work, my garmin 405 just packed up so have just purchased a fr60 and its compatable

  • Fr60 is excellent. The footpod is incredibly accurate once calibrated. Have fun. 

  • Buy the Garmin app at 69p then just login with your account details. So when you upload to the net from your pc or mac, you then see these stats etc... On the Garmin app on the iPad.

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