Adizero Tempo 6 VS Adizero Adios 2


I have done a search, but I can't find a thread that answers my specific question(s)

I've been comfortably running in Adizero Tempo 5's since April covering a few hundred miles as I step up my distance - orginally intending do do fast 5k and 10k, a couple races etc. I'm now training for the Royal Parks Half and plan to do a month-long challenge for charity following it, running to work and back every day (13km per day).

For this kind of distance is the Tempo the right shoe? I've been looking around (Brooks ST Racer, Adistar Boost, Asics GT-2000) in case there is a shoe out there with a little more support and cushioning. Then I hit on the Adizero Adios 2. I love the feel of a lightweight racer - especially the Adizero range - but from what I've read the Adios adds a little more cushioning for longer runs?

Would it be worth switching? Can anyone recommend a better option? Am I just being paranoid that my trainers aren't right because my legs aren't used to the distances I'm running? I'll be headed to a shop to try out a few pairs soon after a calf injury fixes itself, but I'd love some friendly advice in the meantime. 





  • the Adios are lighter than the tempo's, seriously doubt they have more cushioning. Im on the Adios for most of my training now, they are great but wearing them out fairly quickly. the soles just wear fast. but to be fair I run a lot. not sure of mileage but they must have done 4-500 so ok actually.

    Im struggling to understand the differences between the bostons,adios and tempos. them there is aegis,ace somethings and hagios.... who knows...

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