Bristol Half - Severe Training Motivation Dip

Ok hello people, got 2.5 weeks until the Bristol Half Marathon, done the majority of a 12 week training plan, and my motivation has just dropped off a cliff for some reason. I would have thought it would have gone through the roof this close to the run, but i missed my scheduled 5 miles this morning due to the bed feeling too good etc etc,.. feeling a tad worried now. Did my first Half Marathon in March in 1hr 52mins, and was hoping to PB that in this half mara, but for some reason have a horrible feeling that i havent prepared enough and arnt ready for it,......... How can i get the motivation back asap? rocket up the arse?!


  • also you could try a number of things.

    - try treating yourself to a bit of nice new kit, that works for me because I want to 'try it out' - it could be trainers, t shirt, compression socks, whatever.

    -running to music

    -if you have a smart phone or a garmin type device, download strava. It is revolutionary and makes me want to go out on my bike or run - records time/distance/splits/shape of the ground/comparisons with other people who have done segments of the same run

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    Hi Steve

    As Balooo mentioned. A new piece of kit is a good idea to kick start the motivation. Changing the route might help to see something different if you always doing the same. Try to stay positive and remember runs which felt really good or remember crossing that finish line at the HM. Missing a run is not the end of the world.I had this feeling a week before races when I trained for weeks following my training plan and feeling totally unprepared. But then you have to remember the work you have put in and believe in your plan. Try not to stress about it and enjoy running. If I don't feel like running I remember how fortunate I am as there are plenty of ppl who can't go for a run due to illness etc.

    See you at the start line in Bristolimage
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