Junior GNR

Anyone done the Saturday 4k 'fun run'? How was it for your mini/micros?


  • Nick, I've already recommended it on the GNR thread. It was brilliant, my kids aged 13 and 8 ran it with a friend of theirs. Well organised and having made history by getting to the start in good time for a change, the girls did lots of celebrity spotting (all those faces from CBBC) and collected autographs by the dozen which they've gone off to school with today to show off to their mates.
    The run itself was really moving, 6000 kids and a fair few parents running/walking with the little ones. I felt really anxious letting my 8yr old go off by herself but she did very well and got around in about 50 mins, including a long wait at the start. We managed to spread out around the course and cheer them on (and check they hadn't been abducted by paedophiles in my case) and it was really nice seeing so many kids running together. Great finish at the bottom of the Millenium Bridge, and preceeded by the international 1 mile championships with the likes of Kelly Holmes running.

    Followed by the CBBC concert with enough bands like Busted to make my kids' weekend. Not too overwhelming or noisy and excellent value at £13 incl T shirt, medal, goody bag etc. There was a pasta party as well but we gave that a miss as it was in South Shields and everything else took place in Gateshead.

    Thoroughly recommend it if you're doing the GNR and want to make a weekend of it.
  • Laura
    many thanks, sorry missed it on the other thread

    Glad mini & micro L had a great time - I trust you are suitably proud. (I totally understand your nervousness about letting them go off by themselves.)

    Sounds brilliant & just the sort of justification I might be able to use next year!
  • Brilliant even to for the Kids, Parents and the 10,000 spectators alike. My youngest (13)Grandson (superman) ran it for the second time, After last years in the gatehead Stadium he was very keen to do it again and was most suprised when I told him the event was now along the quayside. I thought the change of venue to be an advantage albeit that things got a little crushed near the start and finish. My grandson's time was 30 mins but he enjoyed the next couple of hours chasing the celebs around the quayside.Although only living and hour away I always stay a couple of nights in South Shields as the Pre and Post party events are well worth it...and you don't have to bother about the inevitable gridlock of cars.I thought the GNR on Sunday to be great too, The weather was as good as I have seen it.
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