Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon



  • I'm trying to now avois colds , everyone at work seems to have a cold or cough.

    I'd hate to get something and all that hard work goes out the window.


  • Better now than in two weeks time IWr!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Nerves are kicking in now.. I managed a steady 21 miles on Saturday but have not run since with a grumbling hamstring and back ache that I've not had this bad before plus a few domestic disasters have got in the way of a recovery run too!  I'll try another longish run, 12-15 miles or so, on Saturday and then embrace the taper.  Like everyone else I am trying to avoid any sort of bug, especially the sick bug that is doing the rounds at school.  I am running a tight ship hygiene wise!!

  • Just got a reserve place...done no marathon training beyond couple of recent halfs...but thought would be a good training run preparing for spring marathon proper. Takes the pressure off.....can just make it a nice day out rather than running my guts out!

    10th hole cafe...it can get crazy busy even on a weekend with no event in the area....there is a nice cafe at the castle as well or if you wander into Southsea some nice cafes in Marmion Rd...Lou Lou's or bit further down and better Capers.



  • It may be a problem deciding how many layers to wear on the day, as the wind may be icy, blowing off the sea. Too many, and we may overheat when sheltered from the wind.

    Sunday will be my last long run, and should be 15 miles. I will keep up the speed work, but reduce the mileage.

    Good luck everyone with the niggles, and hopefully we'll all be fit to race.

  • Little miss yes thanks foot is better - Managed a 5 mile run almost pain free (just noticed it a bit) yeah. no idea what caused it (might have been weights as i was squatting quite heavy the night it happened).

    Zoe made me think how many mile I had done this year as i thought i had been a bit slack and so far this year I have covered 1,300 miles in 11 months eek.image

  • Hoi folks,

    7M temporun in Holland today. Very windy here which may be good prep for the event.

    The 10 hole is indeed tiny. Venture into Southsea and there are various places.

    Good luck with niggles and tapers everybody....

  • Gambs monster - i am in the same boat - no real training as i got a reserve place and using it as a base to spring into spring marathon training - I have barcelona in march and london in april (signed up for brighton as well 1 week before london but doubt i will do both)

    I think 17 miles will be my longest run. (and only a couple of runs over 13 miles in last few months!

  • Ran to work last sunday again.19.5 miles.Was tired before I started so it wasn't as easy as the week before.

    Will do it again this weekend for the last long run before race day.Getting colder and windy now though.Its been quite mild last week I suppose.

    Hoping for around 3hr 30,did 3hr 55 last year (my first marathon,this being my second),but conditions were bad,injured my knee and lower back problem came back so I stopped a few times on the second half,real struggle.But these long runs ive been putting in,ive had no problems with my back,so pretty confident this time and looking forward to it.

  • Just thought I'd say hello.  I signed up for this some time ago but due to an injury (hip flexor) have been unsure as to whether I'd actually run or not. 

    My hip seems to be much better now and despite the fact that I've not done a 'long' run since completing Bournemouth Marathon on 6th Oct I've decided that with no further setbacks then I'm in for this. 

    I've been getting back up to distance the last couple of weeks but haven't gone beyond 8 / 10 miles - and have been keeping those at a very steady pace.  I hope to go longer at the weekend as a first and last long run! 

    It seems I have a similar plan to Wenty, get round this and use it as a base for the spring.  I'm also doing Barcelona, Brighton & London, targetting either Barcelona or Brighton as my 'fast one' and London to just hobble round and enjoy it!!!  That said, in years to come which will be the 'one marathon' that people care about my time in?! and, given I might not get a ballot place again my plans may change!!!!!!!

    Look forward to seeing you all at the start line!

  • Blimey Wenty & Phil that is a heavy duty spring - there are those in my club who do marathon a month it seems ..but if I am racing one properly I need longer than that to fully recover..my spring target is 3.05 ( he's hoping after couple yrs out due to injury) so I will follow what my club training schedule says and treat coastal as long training run at 1min mile slower so 330ish plus a bit extra to allow for lack of long runs to date/ some uneven ground...just done sub 1.30 half so 330-340 should be doable - conditions permitting

  • Gusting over 50mph in the Midlands at the moment Francis - I wimped out and ran on the treadie!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Nice to see the thread livening up. Interesting to hear about all your running ambitions. This one is not the be all and end all for me - but I want to do as well as I can. From a 1.30 half two weeks ago, aiming for 3.45 or so. That should be fine..... But I don't convert well so won't take it for granted...



  • Gambs - i am aiming clsoe to 3 hrs as well next spring, and also run halfs just under 1:30 and also aiming for around 3:30 in portmouth, so looking pretty similar there.

    Sunnysider Phil - you have copied my marathons!!! image !! There is a Barcelona thread just started as well if youare interested. - I am targeting London as my quick one this  year.

    I agree that i can only target really 1 quick marathon a year (relatively speaking), due to the preperation recovery and mental aspect it requires.

  • Hope running with a southampton vest on is not a problem. I use to be a torbay runner now running for southampton ac.

    Really looking forward to this one. Recently ran gosport half in 74.33, so expecting to get a quick time possibly sub 2.45 providing I have no problems. Last big race of year can't wait image just hope the weather is kind to us.

  • @ Wenty, You're not running Surrey Half before Barca are you?  I am!  It will be a gentle warm up for me way off race pace. I'm only really doing it as it practically goes past my front door and I know quite a lot of people doing it so I thought it rude not to!  Hopefully I've not copied you on that one!! image

    @ Wenty & Gambs; you'll be way faster than me in the Spring! I could only dream of aspiring to a close to 3 hour finish!  With getting over the injury, lack of running and it not being the fastest course I'd be happy with sub 4 for Portsmouth although my target (and the pace I'll try to set out at) is for a 3:40 - 3:45 finish.  Then for the spring the main target is to get sub 3:30 with the aim of getting as close to 3:15 as I can.

    Perhaps 2015 should be the year I put all the training into one or two particular races and target sub 3.  I'd love a time 2:59:59 or under!

  • Francis - I converted a much slower half than that into 3.40 at VLM this year, as long as you've done the long runs you should be nearer to 3.30!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Sunnysider - I thought about the Surrey Half but its the week before Barcelona and a couple of weeks after Brighton half.

    I raced Chi Half  this october the week before running Amsterdam marathon and then the week after raced the GSR. Felt at the end i was on the verge of some serious injuries and learnt it was too much for me.

    BUT Still thinking about it - do you know when it normally closes?

  • Little M.iss - I'm sure you're right. I've trained well but I don't think I can do 8m/M for 26 Miles! I 3.45 is very achievable I think, and I'm looking for a flat one next year where I can be bit more cavelier and chase a time. 

  • Just into the taper stage for this now, phew! looking forward to it, but imagine it will be windy if the GSR was anything to go by.
    It looks a nice course, but quite exposed. Be great if its not raining!

  • What's with the rum and mulled wine? Is this at the feed stations? Should I drive home the next day ... Will it be like Medoc?!


  • @Wenty, this will be the first running of the Surrey half so no idea when it will close.  Its supposed to have up to 7,000 runners so I suspect there will be places for some time.  They are quite active in promoting it on Twitter.

  • Great to read about others ambitions and training here. This will be my first 'official' marathon - I ran 26.2 cross country in the summer, just for the fun of it, in 3.33. Hoping for at least 3.25 on 22nd, maybe a bit below. Ran 15ish miles today at about 7.50 pace throughout, and felt very good at the end. Not quite sure how I'll respond to the actual event, though, and haven't scoped the course out yet.

  • Great stuff Craig., the course looks pretty flat, and of course once you are halfway you know what the other half is going to be like! Looks like a slight potential to take the wrong path in and out of the beach/mudflat bit, so u hope the marshalling will be good at that point although it may look better from the ground!
  • Hi people,

    did another recce of the course this morning. Glorious weather and the course remains in very good nick. Going out from Portsmouth you hit the shingles quickly after leaving the seafront. This bit took me 3 minutes but it is very runnable. It is firm underfoot but there is some mud and some standing water. Feet just got slightly wet.

    Going out of Portsmouth there are some good asphalt and concrete bits, but it all goes quite fast as you cruise past Portsmouth College across the road, behind a Harvester Restaurant, a Watersports Centre and Kendalls Quay where they seem to be digging out sand or so.

    Then a narrow path - not too tricky, still good underfoot but narrow which may force you to adjust your stride.

    And then the Bridge out of Portsmouth. A few miles of asphalt here, slightly off flat but nice good asphalt. Leaving that there is a trial bit and more asphalt next to the water, not quite as smooth but still ok.

    And then the industrial estate bit. Off flat (slightly) and the ugliest part of the course! I continued onwards to take in the second part of shingle. It is shorter (took me 1m30) but trickier. This one really slows you down. I stayed 'high', and didn't go down the water edge - that's what I'll do on race day as well. I then continued to the next parking area and went back. 

    Bit of wind, nothing to speak of, hardly any muddles or mud (only the pub car park just after the first bit of shingles. 

    For December, the course really couldn't be better!

    Can't wait.....


  • Thank you  - much appreciated - keep us updated if you can.  And fingers crossed it says fairly dry.  Off to do some beach running in my head torch now......

  • DF, many thanks for your update. I'm starting to look forward to it more now. I used to work in the Naval Base and do lunch time runs along Southsea sea front. I remember running along the beach over large stones, which rolled underfoot. This certainly slowed me down to almost walking pace.

    Did 15 miles this morning, 8 in the New Forest and 7 on roads. This will be my last long run, but I'll keep up my speed work. I did Saturdays parkrun in 22.42, which is a good for age time.

  • 16 miles for me today.

    Thanks for the course update Francis - two sections of shingle then? Maybe my dream time needs to go back in the box until VLM.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Hi M.iss yes, two pieces of shingle, both to take twice!

    But if you're 8 minute miling or thereabouts, the whole lot will not take you 10 minutes. I'd say it's not even a Mile altogether, and only the shorter stretch will really break your stride. It's there, but it really needn't change your plans all that much....

    I'm away all of this week but hope to revisit a course section or two in the final week.

  • Ah 8 minute mailing, imagine that!

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