Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon



  • That won't be me Kate! Not this year, anyway.....

  • yes thanks for the report!

  • Short 4 miles today, on a night shift to night and have wed and fri off so plan to run then, have Santa race in southsea on Sunday but will be jogging 3 miles with my son, can't believe it's next weekend! 

    Cant believe I have trained without following a plan! 

  • Did the Mince Pie 10 on Sunday in Peacehaven, what a nice run that is. Took me 1hr 21mins, happy with that. Now its just ticking over runs till the 22nd.

    Knees feel fine after Sundays run, which is surprising as its an undulating race to say the least. Still trying to keep nerves in check for the 22nd, and just try and enjoy the day.


  • Have seen the medal on Facebook, it looks fab!

  • run 19.5 miles to work again.7.52 av pace.

    felt exhausted though.had to stop 2 miles to end for a minute stretch.

    think i can hold it fot the extra few miles when the day comes.

    should i do it again this sun or i run about 14 miles then get the bus ?
  • I was reading it takes 3/4 weeks recovery for 18/20 mile run?

    i would get the bus!


  • i havent a training plan either zoe.not being an experienced marathon runner i dont know recovery times.just the week before the race to taper and do shorter slower runs.wasnt sure if a lsr was advisable a week before the race.

    anyway really hope this mild weather lasts.its been near perfect last couple of days.
  • beautiful day in Portsmouth!

    Keep it up!

    I'm looking at you English weather!

  • Neil - I would say 'definitely not' especially if it left you tired, it's more important to get to the start line feeling fresh and ready to go - no training now will help on the 22nd, it's just a case of ticking over.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Neil you crazy fool - back off!!!! 3 weeks taper really or at least 2 minimum.

    Take the car / bus anything ! rest up for the big day fella!

  • Anybody got wise words for someone who's last LSR didn't go to plan?

    I had originally planned a steady 18 miler, on a nice level railway path, with the support of a similar paced friend. Instead I joined a small group who'd arranged to do 15 miles. Not a problem, the meeting point is 3 miles from home.

    A fine morning dawned which following the storms of late was a pleasant surprise. One of our party wanted to drop down to the beach to see the devastation to the pier and promenade. This lead us along the prom, onto the beach before having to climb the cliff as the stairs we'd been expecting to ascend had been washed away.

    All in all, not a particularly satisfactory outcome, off pace, unplanned hills and very mixed terrain.

    The lesson I'm taking from this experience is 'have a game plan and stick to it!'

  • It's all time on feet TS and as long as it was your last rather than only LSR no harm done, in fact some added leg strengthening I'd say image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Little M.iss Happy wrote (see)

    It's all time on feet TS and as long as it was your last rather than only LSR no harm done, in fact some added leg strengthening I'd say image

    Thanks LMH, these hiccups tend to get the better of me! 

  • Any idea when we can expect our race packs through the post ?

    My training has not really been appropriate for a flat marathon as I've done Fell Races for the last 3 weekends, hey ho lets go !

  • Nick, I  don't think they are posting our race packs. Information e mails have said to collect them from Alexandra Sports on Saturday 21st or on the day at the pyramids.

    An easy pace recovery run today of 5.25 miles.

  • Hi all, thought I'd pop on and say hi. 

    Neil, Wenty is right, nothing you do from 21 days out will improve your fitness but you  may risk injury etc. I'd be a hipacrit if I said u were silly so wind it down now and chill. Short and sweet as it's your target race. image

    im runnng Pompey with my son this year, it's his birthday and it's my 100th marathon assuming I get through the 2 this weekend. Fingers crossed! 

    I also saw the medal on Facebook and it looks great. 

    Stay any fit and well and enjoy the rest!.

  • Wow - well done Muzza! 100 marathons - you nutter image

    Twisted Sole - really no biggie - its all in the mind 15 miles and 18 miles! especially last LSR - might even do you good.

  • Will you be having cake Muzza? Hope the two this weekend go well.

    I'd rather train on the fells for a flat race than the other way round Nick!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • 2 marathons in a weekend ?! thats hardcore .
  • Muzza, have you joined 100 marathon club? (or will you be i mean)

    twisted sole, i'm going to treat it like 2 separate halfs, after all its half one way and then back the other, so at least in the second half we will know what to expect!

  • It's getting nearer!

    Just a couple of steady runs for me today and yesterday. No running tomorrow or Friday, due to work. Probably not a bad thing.

    I'm also marvelling at 100 Marathons as well as at 2 in a weekend. Awesome Muzza!

    But then I secretly harbour ultra ambitions.....

  • Do anyone else's legs feel tired when running? 

    Really breed to think what I will be eating the few days before marathon, does anyone carb deplete then carb reload, by husband is a bodybuilder and so manipulates diet alot to get results.

    i was reading an interesting article that you can't get the carbs from one meal for this race, you need to start 3 days before, I don't eat alot of carbs and think that's why I feel tired a lot!

  • Am just taking gels with me!
  • Hi Zoe,

    I don't think it through quite that much. I'm quite a pasta lover anyway. What I'll do I think is stop drinking by about wed (not that I tend to indulge anyway, and have good sustantial (but not massive) meals on Fri and Sat. Apart from that, I'm hoping I simply have it in the legs on the day.

    I have now got used to using gels on long runs, and they work a treat for me.

  • I find the sis ones the best as u don't have to worry about water with thrm
  • I too use the sis ones, I think next year I will definitely look at my diet.

  • Zoe, I have found carb loading can make a huge difference to me! basically carb loading gives me just enough to get me through 26 miles with limited gels and drinks.

    I have tried not carb loading a couple of times and crashed at around 20 miles and pace drops off and cramps start (but that maybe a dehydration thing)

    My performance times are significantly better when i carb load (I dont carb deplete first). I also do body building and manipulate diet to get results - but for body building nutrition is even more crucial. 

    3 days before you should be eating mainly carbs carbs and more carbs (i eat about 1/2 Kg pasta a day + bread etc and try and stick to complex carbs). Also you will retain quite a bit of water when you carb load as for every gram of carbs you retain 3g of water! (might explain my cramping).



  • I also use SIS

    I once had a cramp issue in a M'ton but with proper eating, drinking and the gels, I'm confident that it won't rear its ugly head again

  • Well i now have a cold, but hopefully it won't linger and i can get rid of it by race time.

    As for carbs, i eat plenty of them anyway, but will up my intake for the 3 days before the race.

    My guilty secret is a Lidls lasange, for a ready made meal it tastes so good. I'm guessing the people that know about the right things to eat are now tutting whilst reading that.


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