Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon



  • Zoe - tell me about it. I was reminded today that my work Christmas do is next week! 22nd will be here before we know it.
  • My running is curtailed a bit due to the fact that the kids have the lurgy. If they're better tomorrow I'll do the Hayling Island side of the course. As long as the dry weather holds, that should be fine. My impression is that the no man's land between Portsmouth and Hayling could be the most testing mentally when you're tired and there still is so far left to go.

    Another funny thing is that when you're half way it's like you can actually almost 'see' where the finish is, across the bay. But you know it's another 13 Miles....

  • Dean - I can beat you - 5 miles this week! I woke up a few days ago with a painful foot. Outside of the sole of the foot. So painful i can barely walk. No idea why and never had it before. Hope this does not drag on for too long. Looks like a week or 2 of rest! image

    Oh well - looks like just getting round is my goal now!

  • Last long run before taper this weekend. Hope everyone's training is going as planned. 

  • Wenty - have you frozen a bottle of water to roll it on? Hope it's nothing serious.

    Francis - hope the kids don't infect you!


    22 miles for me today, last LSR but one, really enjoyed it, helped by the fact that conditions were just about perfect for running.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Nice one Little M.iss! Commisserations to those who struggle. Got a quick 5M in today in between everything else.

    If kids are back in school tomorrow I'll examine the Hayling side of the course...


  • Hi,

    I'm afraid i can beat a 5 mile week with my zero miles image A lingering lower back issue has resurfaced just when i needed it least.

    Hopefully i can run without pain tonight and attempt my last run this weekend.........fingers crossed.


  • Sorry to hear other people also have training schedules that are being thrown out the window. I just haven't been able to shake this bug off and feel proper crud. Heading for a zero mileage week. Hope we are all able to get out there soon and get some miles in.
  • Miss Happy - good idea re the frozen water bottle - does not seem swollen but i guess there may be small tendon swelling etc. No idea what it is but very painful and cant walk let alone run and no idea what caused it!

    Dean - my training schedule has been totally abandoned now!!!!

  • bless you Wenty, Dean, and Alun. Hope you'll be able to turn things round soon...

    I had a session on the course today. Did a good 15M from the bridge out of Portsmouth (handy parking next to the A2030 turn off) to the end of the Hayling Billy Trial and back.

    The course is in very good nick. No puddle dodging required at all.

    The bit next to the M27 is uninspiring with the car noise, but look right and you see the Farlington Marshes. It is slightly off flat here, nothing to worry about but not ruler flat. 

    Turning right for some trials but the going is still really good. It feels a bit fiddly this bit, with a stretch on a Havant Industrial estate (all very short) and then it gets nicer, back to the waterside and on the trails. It was already quite breezy. It was right in my face on the way back and it makes a difference!.

    The pebble stretch is fine, couple of hundred years. It only takes 1m30sec or so. 

    You will get blown sideways on the bridge onto Hayling Island and then a few twists and turns lead you to the Hayling Bill Trial, the disused railway. It ran like a dream today, flat, quiet and relatively sheltered with a few exceptions. It's a good stretch. If you're ready for the distance you'll be clocking the Miles away here. 

    All in all, it's looking good at the moment.

    Hope you all will be able to get some training in - it's 3 weeks and 2 days away...

  • Thanks for that update - really helps to have some local info on the course and let's hope the puddles don't accumulate over the next few weeks. Doing my last 22 miler tomorrow and so far so good. Am really looking forward to running the course as it does sound different to the usual road races.  Keep us updated with the state of the course if you can - I may revert to trail shoes on the day if it sounds too muddy/wet.

  • I share your pain - my training has been interrupted by illness, holiday, heel pain....hoping to get a solid 20 miles in on Sat which will hopefully make me feel more optimistic about finishing!

    Thanks for the update on the course Dutch - it's sounding good!


  • QBQB ✭✭✭

    Last long run for me too on Saturday. It's a coastal marathon so will be good practice with those coastal winds Dutch talks of at least!

    After that, like most, I will have runs dictated by work and Christmas do's, so fits a taper period well!

    Good luck to all on injuries and illnesses - 3 weeks out still so should be ok to recover. And I wouldn't worry about impact on times as that close to Christmas I'm sure most of us will be looking at nothing more than finishing it and enjoying it... although to be true that's me pretty much all year when it comes to running!

  •  Thanks also Dutch - looking good so far providing weather in kind in last few weeks could be a good one (providing my foot gets better).

  • Thanks Francis.

    Wenty - I had a mystery foot injury on the last day of my holiday which was eventually put down to having walked barefoot round the beach for 4 - 5 miles before donning trainers and running back on the road, didn't hurt at all until the next morning but ended up on crutches for a couple of weeks as of the next day! No obvious inflammation there either but my sports massage terrorist but it down to having stretched the tendons/ligaments walking on the camber with no support. Icing, rest and strapping sorted it.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Thanks Little Miss - mine sounds almost exactly the same - was yours in the middle outside of the sole of the foot? Very strange - not run for 2 days then did a 5 mile easy run and woke up next morning in pain! So bizarre!

  • I can't remember to be honest Wenty but I know that taping it to 'hold it together' as it were made it feel much better - may be worth a try, or just a piece of tubigrip even?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Last long run for me on Sunday, to get some practice I am doing the Saxon Shore marathon in Deal. Hope all the ill and injured are back to it next week, and thanks for the course update. Happy LSRing to all this weekend.

  • Morning all,

    I've developed a slight niggle in my left hamstring at this late stage, so didn't run in this mornings parkrun. I marshalled, and managed to jog round at the finish to collect the flags. Fingers crossed, I will be able to do my planned long run tomorrow.

    Good luck to everyone struggling with injuries, and also those fully fit.

  • Terence - I carry an almost constant left hamstring niggle when doing more than about 25 miles a week but find it manageable if I stick to the flat and steady running - hope yours holds up.

    Enjoy Saxon Shore Kate.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMH, thanks and I hope yours does too. I won't be racing the marathon, but aiming for a steady pace, and to finish in one piece.

  • What times are people Iming for? Reakon I am looking at 4:30 plus!

  • Hi all,

    Hope you all get/stay in one piece! Too many niggles on her.! I had in mind to do a slow 5Miler, but left it. I'll do a 20M tomorrow instead, probably on the South Downs Way. Hilly and scenic.

    What time? Well Zoe, I'm thinking about this. A month ago I just wanted sub 4. If circumstances are good, well 3:45? Training has gone well, I've lost weight, and am increasingly confident. I might just surprise myself......

  • I'm hoping for around 4.30 too Zoe, not really worried about time though as I'm only doing it as a training run. But if I manage 4.30 it will be a pb by over an hour image

  • Hoping for under 5! I did the new forest half and really struggled and yet at gosport felt fine, I can't see me wanting to run a marathon after this one, 

    i am running with my neighbour and he has not run over 14 miles yet! But he is one of those annoying people that can get away with doing little training,

    i have the Santa race in a couple of weeks in southsea and the marathon will be my 13 th race this year! 

  • I ran the Solent Half Marathon in October in 1.42.58, so in theory, should be capable of a 4.30.

    Off for an LSD run shortly, hoping the hamstring won't let me down.

  • I am doing this marathon again this year, have done all four and in 2011 did my pb in perfect running conditions and last year just managed a sub 4hrs in really tough conditions under foot (including a fall not far from half way).

    Love it though, and a great way to start the Christmas week, and I use it as a training platform for the Comrades Marathon the next year.  Happy tapering all.

  • In my dreams a time beginning 3.3x.xx but who knows what I'll get on the day?

    Hope the hamstring holds up Terence.

    Sounds goo Francis.

    If you can take an hour off that would be great Tel.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Another one here tackling his first marathon and looking for 4:30ish. I plan to strike out at a steady 10min/mile pace, which in theory would be good for a 4:22 finish. 

    Ran my latest half at the same rate last weekend, and felt very comfortable at the end. It was a great confidence builder!

    I've planned my final LSR for next Sunday. Just hoping the weather holds up.

  • Hey Peter, i am doing this one as well so must say hi at the start. Think i may have bumped inot you during London a couple of years back but may be getting muddled with someone else!!

    As for time, hoping for about 3.39, i have a plan and will be trying to stick to it, but once a number gets oinned to my chest all my plans seem to vanish after halfway!! Must be more dissaplined this time....

    Hope your run went well today Terence.

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