Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon



  • Nice and lively on here.

    Did 20M on the South Downs Way, which went well. Such lovely surroundings. It's dry but chilly in the South!

  • Dry, bright and mild in the Midlands! Just 15 miles for me today as planning my last LSR on Tuesday all being well, had a great, confidence giving run.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Saxon Shore was lovely, not too windy and finished in 4.03, I'm sure I'll be much slower in 3 weeks weighed down with booze and mince pies. good training all.


  • well done Kate! It's awesome to me that someone can run a Marathon as 'training'. Proper hard.


  • Good running Kate - now you need to refuel and taper image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Thanks LMH and Marty. The hamstring held up and I managed 18 miles. Next Sunday will probably be 15.

    Kate, well done, an excellent time! I'm sure you'll go sub 4, even with the mince pies and booze.

    DF, well done on your South Downs run. I did the Southdowns Marathon in June and it was a lovely run, with beautiful scenery.

  • Good evening. I found out today that I have been fortunate enough to have been gifted a free weekend on the 21st/22nd, no work, no girlfriend, no kids....therefore, I want to run!!! You can imagine my disappointment to see that this run was full image I have added my name to the waiting list and have everything crossed.

    If anyone is unfortunate enough to not be able to run for whatever reason, please could you inform the organiser so those on the waiting list get a crack at this and hopefully, my name will come up sooner or later?

    Friend of mine is running his hundreth at Portsmouth and I'd love to be there to see this epic acheivement.

    Thanks everyone, good luck with final preparations. image

  • I have had to pull out due to my lower back issue. I'm not able to run more than 10 miles without it hurting too much to run image

    Best of luck to you all and have a piece of cake from the tenth hole cafe for me image

    See you next year.......hopefully!!!



  • Sorry to hear that Alun ! I still cant run with a bad foot, but at least i can almost walk now - its only one week off running so doubt i will lose any fitness.

    There is still 3 weeks so you never know - you might be ok?

    Well done everyone else on packing the miles in!

  • Marty, one and the same!

  • bad luck Alun. Ah, yes, the 10th hole. They do some fine big cakes......

    Quiet 6Mile today. 

    Weather update: still quiet and dry on the South Coast!


  • 21 miles today, very slowly! 4 hours but still happy with my slow run

  • Well i'm all entered in this one, first marathon and just about keeping the nerves in check. Did 20 miles on Sunday at 9.30 pace or there abouts. So after struggling with my dodgy knee the week before and thinking i would have to pull out , i was very happy to of done that.

    Got the Mince Pie 10 this coming Sunday, then thats about it till race time. I'm hoping to try and keep a pace around 9 to 9.30 a mile for the first 20 and then see what happens over the last 6! Think that might go out of the window when hitting the shingle image

    Good luck all

  • Some nice running going on. It doesn't matter about the pace when you run your long ones, time on your feet and the mental aspect of completing it does you just as much good. So Zoe and IW, you are both bang on track and will go well in a few weeks.

    Fingers crossed for the weather since thats the only thing we can't control..

  • I felt ok today and was not dying at the end! 

    So far this year I have run 706 miles, that is a huge amount for me!


  • Thanks Marty, this being the first one for me its about finishing, and the time is whatever I end up with. I've learnt about going to fast at the start before, did that in a half marathon and I was the guy who people pass looking like a struggling fool at 10 miles image

    So its been good to try the longer distances in training for this and learn my pace ability.
  • Illness meant that last week was a zero miles week - my legs don't know what's hit them.  Did 43 miles on the bike on Sunday and surprisingly felt reasonably fit but running is a whole different ball game for me.Will hopefully get the trainers on tomorrow and see how I fare.  Don't want to pull out but am woefully short of being marathon ready - longest run being 16 miles.  Hopefully though, with some sensible pacing, will have enough to get me through.  Now, where did I put my trainers?image

    Zoe - 706 miles!!  That's amazing...you'll certainly deserve a rest over Christmas.



  • I am working the day before the marathon, everything I read says to rest on this day! 

    I am guessing its with regards to using your carbohydrate stores If your walking around? 

    Dean, last year I ran 426 miles so I am chuffed with my mileage to date!

  • Zoe 706 miles is very very impressive and probably be nearer 800 by the end of the year.

    Dean Zero miles for me this week as well bue to injury and longest run about 17.5 miles, so in the same boat.... But sure we will get round - I have got round before with less training, just makes the last 6 miles hard and hurt more a few days after.

  • I'm feeling more confident now, as my mileage to date this year is 1792. I was thinking that everyone on here was doing as much, if not more. I've really got no excuse, therefore, assuming no injuries, not to run a respectable time.

  • Hi people!

    Still calm and dry weather in Portsmouth. As I'm travelling a bit between now and the 22nd I won't be able to provide on site updates. I will revisit the course when I can in the week before the event....

    Calm 7m today.

    Terence, I'm over 1500M for the year. I'm quite confident that I can be under 4. What are you aiming/hoping for?

  • 1650 miles for me so far this year. On track to beat last years 1745. Planning a 16 mile run on Friday and similar on Sunday and then will take it easy. Feel I don't need to go much longer than 16 as hopefully have the distance in my legs from Beachy Head in October!!

    Fingers crossed that it isn't windy and wet!! 

  • Zoe - no idea what you do for a living but stay off your feet as much as you can and fuel well - you'll be fine!

    Foot no better Wenty?

    A tough 21 miles for me today given some perspective by running past the helicopter ambulance crew working on someone by the side of the trail. Hopefully that's my bad run out of the way! Taper now with only 15 or 16 at the weekend.

    I don't suppose if anyone knows if the tenth hole have gf cake? Would be nice to join those going there afterwards but it will be bad enough running by the mince pies on the day let alone sitting in the café watching everyone else eat cake image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DF, Based on my October half in 1.42.58, I should be capable of getting close to 4 hours. However, I'm aiming for 4.30, so if I beat it, will be very pleased. My marathon PB is 3.12, set back in 1993 in the New Forest Marathon.

    I'm only doing 15 miles on Sunday, but will be doing a parkrun on Saturday, to keep up the quality work. 

  • Interesting to hear what you've all been up to. Beachy Head, South Down Marathon.... They're both on my to do list before I pack in this running lark.

    I did the Pilgrim in Sept in 4.23. Am better now. Years back (previous Millennium) I did one in 3.36. I think I might just to try and best that some time next year.....

    re: the 10 hole, it's a small place but maybe it just seems small because the cakes are so big. Little M.iss their website doesn't mention gluten free as far as I could see. Maybe contact them and ask?


    oh, and if anyone fancies a pitch 'n putt after the Marathon; well, you didn't try hard enough!


  • How about a game of Bowls?

  • I am a nurse at QA in portsmouth, going to try and finish at 2! Then go home and rest!

  • Ah - nursing, not a job synonymous with rest!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • ZW, I used to work at the Research Establishment at the top of Portsdown Hill, and that's where I did my hill reps.

  • bit of drizzle in Portsmouth today....




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