Polar HRM

Come across a bit of dilema wonder if anyone can offer there advice.

I have recently started running on a regular basis, and finding my midweek runs difficult to pace as im out on my own. Im thinking of investing in a HRM.

After looking at the website i have decided on Polar. Only problem is there are so many to choose from.

I have narrowed it down to 3 (based on budget etc) they are the S210, M52 and the M22.

Being a beginner is it worth paying the extra for the S210 for all its functions (most of which im sure i wont use) or settle for the cheapest one until im more established and have better training plans and records???


  • Go for the cheaper one. The more advanced ones are just too complicated.
    All you need is :

    Normal Watch functions (v handy)
    Displaying Pulse
    Audible alarm when out of your training range,
    Stopwatch facility.

    I reckon most other things just confuse matters. I do have a mate who downloads all his heartrate each week etc and plots graphs. He doesn't use it for anything else though and so the data is just pretty pictures.
  • Stu,

    The one thing that I find of use is the ability of the S210 to record my average and max heart rates for each lap. I find it useful to go back through your splits during a race to see how how consistent my effort was. I don't think that the other two models you mention have this facility so if you think this would be usefull then your choice is made.
  • I'd recommend getting the best one you can afford. I bought a M21 a while back with out really researching and regretted it. I then repleaced it with a S410, which has been really good, as Keith has already mentioned it is great to record your heart rate with your splits and the S410 has a PC interface too.
  • I had the same dilemma a while ago and compromised and went for the M52 which has been fine for me.

    Whichever one you choose though, shop around a bit as some of the internet/mail order outlets do them a lot cheaper than most of the shops.

  • Do some research before you commit, I opted for the M51 which has been adequate for me. It really depends how much or how little you rquire from a HRM. You might well find the S210 a bit too complex - ask yourself if you will really half of those functions and that will be your answer!

  • Has anyone tried the new Timew 100 Lap HRM?
  • Why have you decided on Polar. In my experience the cardiosport are tougher and more reliable. They seem to be made better. Get one that reecords your heart rate as it's interesting to check back after a hard session
  • Apologies, my last entry should have read Timex 100 Lap HRM.
  • Quick question - when they say, stopwatch functions, does this include a lap timing facility or if not, which models do?!!?
  • Spans, stopwatch doesn't always mean that they have a lap timing facility. They should say something like "lap timing" or "lap timing with heart rate". I only know about polar models and only the S-range has a lap facility, the M-series does not. The cheapest S model is the new S-120 you can get it for under £100.
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