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Is there a recommended diet for runners with wheat [and lactose] intolerance? I would be pleased to have advice from fellow sufferers Who have followed some dietary progmmes.


  • Mike this is spam so sorry but my tother half has problems with gutine and has for the last few years been slowly writing a book about diet if she ever finesh's it would be well worth it but if you check out this site might be off use when she get's the time to stick some resipies on it.

    There are a few groups on facebook you might get the info from but don't have the links handy.

  • You don't need a special diet Mike - gf pasta, rice, potatoes etc. A healthy balanced diet is all you need.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Agree with LMH - GF pasta is just as nice as ordinary stuff, rice and potatoes are naturally GF, and there are loads of GF cakes, breads etc available from most supermarkets these days (much more than there were 5 years ago when my hubby was diagnosed coeliac).

    Are you coeliac or "just" intolerant?  If you are diagnosed coeliac, you can get some GF staples on prescription (better than £3 for a small loaf of bread!)

  • Nessie - I tried Tesco's own brown seeded bread for the first time today - definitely a rival for if not better than Genius (just in case you hadn't already found it). Also, if you like baking have you found this website yet? Best pizza base ever - even my husband (who is normal) likes it.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I'll look out for that LMH - thanks.  Hubby tends to get the Juvela bread on prescription, but toasts it as it's pretty dry and crumbly just eated out of the pack. 

    Don't get much time to bake, but I'll have a look at the pizza base - the GF ones you buy are pretty 'orrible (as are the non-GF ones to be fair) so worth a try.

  • I am going to try the Fodmaps diet to see if I can eliminate some of the troublesome foods that stomach cramps at the most inconvenience moments whilst running so in the meantime my thanks to everyone who has even kind enough to add their comments and suggestions. GF pasta can get a bit boring!

  • Warburtons bread is the best GF bread in my opinion, in particular the fruity bread. Yum!  I agree with lmh... Eat normal stuff and avoid the gluten and lactose. Simples. Mrs Crimble is your other friend. Her GF cakes are superb!  

  • Juvela bread is dreadful, however, their crackers are the best on the planet with cheese! GF or no GF.

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