New heel pain blog

Dear all,

I am a sports podiatrist, specialising in foot, ankle and lower limb pathology. I have set up a blog on my patient self help website for heel pain


If anyone has any heel pain related questions or wants free advice please feel free to drop your queries on my blog. Use of this blog will ensure that you are provided with correct and accurate health advice from a qualified health professional image

Best Wishes,

Benn Boshell

Sports Podiatrist




  • Hi Benn,

    tried to register for the blog to ask a question, but it doesn't want to work for me. It's a great resource, for which thanks.  I have a question which I wanted to post. I have been running now for 2 months, gradually building up to about 20-30km a week. Apart from the odd blister, I've had no issues, however, the other day I managed to kick a drill whilst in bare feet, cutting my little toe. I was anxious not to lose momentum with my training, so I ran on regardless, and didn't really notice a any toe pain until the last mile or so of a 6 mile run, when I became aware that I was compensating my gait to protect the toe. The following day, I had quite a tight, and uncomfortable Achilles tendon. Never the Less, the  tightness eased with movement and 48hrs later, although I could still feel some tightness, it lifted with running, so I did another 5 miler. After that, the tightness returned, although possibly to a lesser extent. I'm now concerned that continuing with my training may lead to a proper injury. I have a 10 mile, easy paced run scheduled for Sunday. Should I skip it and wait for the tightness to go completely. I really don't want to lose momentum with my training, but equally, I'm anxious not to hurt myself properly...

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