walking as part of training regime?

I have done the marathon a few times and was thinking of getting back into training. However I walk at least 5 hours a day daily as a postie sometimes more even 6 a few times. Well i was wondering  what that would equate with in running terms? Is it a good means of supplementing training? It is after all an aerobic activity like running? I am often too knackered to go for run sometimes as i have evening classes and other stuff. I dont think i could manage more than 30 mins running which is the most i have done a couple of times when i was free.


  • There have been a couple of articles suggesting that walking can be a valuable part of distance running training. I think you need to run as well, but maybe not so often as someone with a desk job. Some of those speedwalker types are faster than runners in training, so maybe there's a chance to move your lactate threshold. COuld you use a heart rate monitor and see how hard you are working ?

    I know that you mean about the end of the day. I've done leafletting work and after a few hours of that I wasn't about to go jogging.

  • 5-6 hours a day walking is great but, like you say, it's a significant workout on its own and pretty tiring.

    My concern is where you would find enough energy for long runs if you wanted to do another marathon or are you thinking of shorter distances? 

  • Its a physical job but one I expect your body has got used to over time.....doing some running will shake up the system.....

    but like everyone starting or returning to running you would have to build it up and work through a busy life schedule to fit it in.....

    so unless you can work out a way to fit in some running sessions then I wouldn't bother entereing any races and just fit in what you can when you can  for fun

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