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ok I have tried a cheap backpack hydration system and utterly hate the amount of sweat wearing the black causes. I all my runs with it have been slower and a struggle... I went back to my omm 6l waist pack today felt awesome when running t it compared to a backpack. I love the space it gives but only has one water bottle when I want more have to fill the pack but with hand held bottles.

Can anyone recommend any other large waist bags/bum bags. That hold more water and still leave a decent amount of space for other things. I also love the open side pocket for jelly babies or similar.

or would spending a fortune oon something like the solomon s-lab 12l backpack be a lot nicer experience then the cheap pack I have.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


  • Ok... After more research... Osprey talon 8 and 4 seem good as they have 2 x 500ml bottles. So 1l plus lots of storage...


    anyone got one and would you recommend it. i'm around a 27.5-28 inch waist.

  • Hi. I decided to go from a camelbak to a bumbag for my next marathon. Just the extra weight being carried around was annoying me. Got a neat little bumb bag with waist bottle and three pockets from Sports Direct for about 8 quid. Karrimor make it. Gets my vote. Did 20 miles the other day and was comfortable. Am going to carry my zero tablets and water mix in it, in addition to the water they give you on the race.

  • Thanks Ghost.

    in the end I reared myself to the Osprey Talon 8 1l of liquid plus lots of storage.

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