Running Junkies

A quote from Today's Times

"Why do some feel the need to exercise more than others? It may be all in the Brain according to a study in Behavioural Neuroscience. Experiments with mice showed that those who ran the most had greater activity in the areas of the brain involved in craving food, drugs or sex when denied access to running wheels."

So what do you do when unable to train? Well I guess the boffins didn't offer the mice a keyboard and access to the RW Forum? :-)


  • drink
  • yep!fooddrugssex,then the same again please!:-)
  • not really
    it is your picture thats giving me ideas
  • Sit in a corner, rocking back and forth, whimpering slightly.

    But then I do that anyway.
  • walls & crawl come to mind
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Put on my straitjacket and wait for the darkness to pass.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Take lots of painkillers and run anyway.

    Or jump on the turbo trainer and rot my brain watching TV and waiting for the HR to go up every time someone appears on telly who annoys me....

    It was George Bush last time. David Blunket has the same effect.
  • lol @ LizzyB

    I swam and used the gym during my last enforced break from running.
  • Swim, or simply daydream and plan the ultimate training schedule, figure out which races I'm going to get run.

    Or if I really feel lousy, lie in bed and wonder whether somebody might be so kind as to name a race (a race which caters for very very slow runners) after me when I'm dead.
  • think about running and going to the gym, then think of excuses not to go, feel bad and go for a run.....
  • sex

    Only kidding!

    I take painkillers and do less distance! Otherwise I swim, cycle and go to the gym.
  • Eat. Put on weight. Get grumpy. And smoke.
  • get fat
  • I've been denied training twice in my running life - a 5 week knee injury in Feb/Mar 2001 and a 3 week on/off spell due to illness Oct 2002.

    I immersed myself in running literature, dreamt about the time I would be back and the things I'd do. If I got injured tomorrow I'd try and stay focussed, think about the rest my body was enjoying and set a long term target...

    Then after an hour or so I'd kick the cat, shout at the kids and go and get a crate of Stella Artois.

    I rarely get denied a run day to day because I make it the main thing in the day (definition of addiction acc. to another thread).
  • Well last time, which was 3 months ago, I ended up re-painting the outside of our house!
  • BR - don't worry, it's only addiction when you start neglecting family, friends and work :)

    I haven't had more than a week off with injury at any one time, but I tried to do what cross-training I could and made the most of having a bit of extra free time. Even so, by the end of the week I was hitting the point where I'd have tried to run injured or not.

  • By the way, Stickless, do you do any fell running? Loads of fell races near me are named in memory of various people - it's always been one of the main things that's put me off fell running :)
  • Aardvark, I've watched fell runners go trotting up the hills light engine, and gone green with envy.

    Last time I was near anything remotely fell-ish (Ben Nevis, end September), I swallowed pride, took the sticks, and hauled myself along gracelessly on all fours.

    I just do a really nice line in melodrama when I'm suffiently poorly that I can't tie the laces and get out the door,

    as you all well know by now.
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