Cycling to Work and 2 months to marathon

Currently I am cycling to work, generally 67 miles for the week.

I am also training for an October marathon. I am averaging 35-40 miles per week at the moment. Do I maintain both or cut back on the cycling? My cycling starts off with a moderate first phase and then speeds up once I hit the dreaded blue cycle lane in south London. Should I be cycling hard or easy. The marathon trianing consists of a long run and threshold intervals amongst other easy running and I don't really want to change this structure.

The reason I am asking is that I am unsure whether the cycling is counter-productive or will support the training. My long runs don't quite have the zip in them towards the end as they did in my first marathon back in April. Any advice would be gratefully received, thanks.


  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    If you are feeling fatigued then maybe cycle slower - to an extent you are supposed to be tired during certain phases of marathon training but you don't want to be struggling to complete the sessions and whilst it may not make any difference either way I doubt slowing down on the bike will harm your running. 

  • Goalpost cycling can be very useful cross training but daft question could you use some of your comulting time to get some running in? Marathon training can be tricky with time and stuff so one day a week or more as part of your plan might work out well.

    As pop said listen to your body if it's saying it's fecked.

  • Thanks, I could run into work but found I did not enjoy so much as cycling in. Bizarrely I am far more content running home which is no surprise really. In London the running is too much stop/start at rush hour with so many people on the pavements in their ipod world. I have incidentally completed a great interval session this week so fitness may be turning a corner at last as I am well aware it takes a few weeks for fitness gains to bed in. I will see how this weekend's 22 miler goes.

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