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Hi All

  I am planning a 70 mile cyle plus 30 mile run 5 mile kayak event next september at present I run up to marathon distance, I have no idea where to start with a training plan that combines both all web searches seem to be for short distances I really need to improve my cycling and up my running distance a little. Currently I cycle occasionally max 20 miles and do spin class, metafit and Yoga once a week any ideas where to start please


  • What race is this ? It sounds interesting.

    Simple plan is work on riding each weekend - get a long bike in and extend it until you're happy riding 80 miles or so.
  • coast to coast scotland North coast to west coast( u will see it on rat race events) been going for a few years now can be done over two days or one day I am aiming for the one day event. Was planning on getting my cycling up to scratch over autumn winter but dont want my running to fall by the way side and as i never done any long distance dual events I am a bit unsure about training healthly combining the running and cycling. Cheers for the tips.



  • Oh right - theres a few threads on this already. The run is more like 20 miles and the kayak isnt more than three.

    Planning is the key - you need to be strong on the bike as that's most of the time. Get a cyclocross bike and you'll save time on the longer road sections and wont lose much off road.

    As to the running - the first bit is an offroad 10k basically.

    The last section is more like 14 miles of yomping. Train to run with a loaded pack.

    It is tough to do it in one day - plenty of people miss cut off - so you do need to be well trained. Get some test events along the year to keep you motivated - some decent cyclo sportives.
  • Cheers Cougie Yes my concern is cut off  I know my running is not an issue but the two combined are where I am worried anyway we will see what a winter on the bike will bring cheers again


  • Joining a bike club would be a good idea - help you keep the miles up and keep you motivated - plus you'll pick up tips.

    It's a brilliant event to do anyway.
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