What's happened? Have I trained too hard?

Hi All

im in a bit of a panic/state of confusion.

I'm 5 weeks from a mara and my training's gone really well. I got to 15 miles on my training plan a few weeks ago with no problem, but it's kind of been downhill from there. I've been doing a lot of cross training and just under two weeks ago was really sick after a gym sesh. I've not felt at all right since, so gave myself 4 days off over the bank holiday. I went for an ok-ish swim on Tuesday morning, very bad short run on weds afternoon and then a good spinning sesh yesterday morning. Then today I went out for a 15mile trail run and couldn't get to 4 - it felt like id never run before! I felt sick, lightheaded, knackered and like my body was made of lead. Needless to day I had to walk back to the car. I'm sleeping ALOT because I just can't stay awake - 3-5 hour naps and full nights. 

Anyone ever had this before? And, if so,  what did you do??



  • Go see your GP ? You must have picked up a bug or something - it doesn't sound like over training to me.
  • I wondered that too so I have an appointment next week. Thanks!

  • You sound anaemic?


    Training can be quite hard on your red blood cells!

  • Sounds like it could be a non-specific virus, I've had similar recently.  My other half came down bad for a week - I felt fine, but my long runs suddenly became mountains at 14 miles (to the point of giving up and hardly being able to walk) wheras I'd been doing 20's/21's just fine in previous weeks.

    Definately worth getting your haemoglobin levels checked as Sideburn says,  as that is an relatively easy fix.  If it is an infection then have a rest for a week, it won't make that much difference in the overall picture.

  • Thanks both for your replies. I'm definitely going to take a full week off from training. I'll see what the doc says. and Daeve, it does sound just like what you had - makes me feel a lot better - thanks

  • +1 for resting until you've seen your GP and hopefully have a better idea of what caused you to feel sick in the first place.

    Overtraining tends to be a more gradual decline, not a sudden one like yours. For example I puked my guts up a few hours after swallowing a load of sea water when prior to that I had been training really well. I was weak and fragile for several days, a week later running seemed a struggle (eg 45s/mile slower attempting my usual 10 mile easy pace). It took me 2 weeks to feel 'normal' again.

    The body needs rest to recover. If rest alone doesn't do it then the GP should be able to help find the cause. Best of luck...

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