Music and runnining.. recreation or asking for a hospital bed?

Is this a good idea?

It can be pretty exhilerating at times but I have dispensed with it a while ago due to increasingly close calls with motor vehicles.

Its a shame really as Orbital really went well with Battersea park.


  • Personally, I would recommend Leftfield. The tempo is perfect for running.
  • I found some music very motivating on long runs in the winter in the cold and wet.
    Madonna's 'You'll see'. etc.
    Didn't get round to Linda Ronstadt tho!
    Seriously music is a great help to me, helps me forget pain etc.
  • Can't run without music now...
    My MP3 player was my best bit of running kit I bought.
  • Obviously we don't recommend running with music on busy roads, through dark alleys etc…but in Bushey Park I find that Muse makes for interesting fartlek sessions. As for Erasure…
  • First thing on a morning before you go to the office out for run with your favourite tunes is bliss. I live out in the country so when I'm training usually about 6.00am the roads are empty, so I have never had any bother with music while I run. It wakes you and sets you up for the day ahead. That winter chill early on a morning is the best. Personallyu I like to run to punk or hard rock - it gets the testosterone pumping!
  • Alas for all of us girlies in running land, hooking up to headphones whilst running outdoors is just asking for trouble. I confine the hip hop and house music to treadmill sessions in the gym. Having said that, I once fell off a treadmill whilst mucking about with the headphones....

  • GuyGuy ✭✭✭
    In my opinion it is a bad idea whether you are running on or off road. On the road the risk of being flattened by a car is increased. Off road, you are making yourself much more vulnerable to attack, and still have to watch out for mountain bikes.

    I also find that running with music completely destroys my balance and running style (such as it is). About a year ago I bought a little MP3 player to run with off road, but only used it a couple of times. I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder to see if I was about to be overtaken by mountain bikes; I had to remove an earpiece every time anyone said anything to me (which happened quite often on that route); and I ran about 15 sec/mile slower.
  • I just enjoy the peace & quite of training out in the countryside without any distractions. Plus I like the freedom running gives me, having a music player to annoy me would really frustrate me!!!!!!!

    Rob you look like an Erasure kind of guy. I'm more Manic Street Preachers. But at least RW ofice must be very clean.
  • I haven't got an MP3 player - but MrSS bought me a joggable Sony Walkman lst Christmas - with a 40sec delayed thingy so it's meant to cope with the knocks - and it doesn't. Does anyone know of CD players that work when running ?
  • My Goodmans jog proof CD thingy works for me.. mind you I aint moving as fast as you lot.
  • I don't know how anyone can run speed sessions listening to music. I find it too hard to concentrate on what I should be doing - running hard. After all, you can't be pushing it too hard when singing along to your favorite tunes. Have to agree though, Muse rock!
  • I've got a cheap walkman that has a radio. I like using it for longer runs to make the time pass quicker. I agree with what you all say about it not being very safe so what I do is just put one of the two earpieces in and tuck the other one down my t-shirt - not a great look but it doen mean my awareness isn't ocmpletely blocked. Worth a try.
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