104mile in 24hours

Hello just after picking the brains of some of you ultra runners. A friend of mine is running 104 miles this weekend from Gretna to thornaby in stockton on tees indide 24hours for Charity. Could any one offer any advice on what food or drinks he could take onboard to get him through this challenge. 


Thank you


  • errrm - if he hasn't got a nutrition strategy in place by now, then I seriously suspect he's not going to make it.  food stuffs are very personal things for ultras and it's one area that needs practice to find out what can be tolerated by the gut which acts strangely when ultrarunning

    104 miles inside 24hrs is one serious task for an experienced ultrarunner - most of whom will have well develioped nutrition plans to see them through

    has he done any serious training for this??  if you're asking about nutrition for him now, I suspect not

    but - hey - good luck to him!

  • was going to say something similar......use the strategies that he has used in training.....

    as said above it is all so personal.only thing i would say is use real food and keep hydrated.

    good luck for him.

  • Jeez. Er good luck.
  • If they start eating stuff they arn't used to now all they will do is throw up or get some serious sh*t's depending on how well they do. I think your mates going to struggle best advice is when you can't run walk don't stop because you won't start again if you do. Good luck

  • He has been training hard yes and has done regular long runs including marathon distances. He is carb loading and eats well at the moment. It was more to do with food supplements for the day. This is by far the furthest he has ran in a day however he walked home (Middlesbrough) from France 2 year ago for Charity again with no money or accommodation planned just getting help off locals as he passed. I appreciate it sounds like a huge task but I for one know he will suceed. So if there is any advice it will be much appreciated.  

    Thanks again

  • Jelly babies. You can take on the world with enough jelly babies. image image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    If he's hoping to do 104 miles in under 24 hrs then he must be quite a decent athlete.
  • I would only say...no point in asking about food supplements.......unless he has used them on a 50 mile run and knows that it agrees with him then its never worth the trouble......

    A big part of training is the nutrition side.........if he has trained hard I'm sure he has got it all sorted on his long runs and you are worrying unneccesassily for himimage


    as said above he must be a decent athlete to be able to do this distance in that time so I'm sure that he has it all planned

  • I agree with others, 24hrs for 104 miles is serious sh!t.

    Only advice I can give is get some proper hot food down his neck, roughly at the 50mile mark, this will really help as he goes into the night stage.  I think the more hot food you can digest, it kinda helps prevent hypothermia in the early hours of the morning. I have observed roughly 3-6am is where people will start to get hypothermic, and it is worse if they have not been able to eat. Get that food down your neck!!! image

  • thanks guys much appriciatedimage

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Let us know how he gets on. I'm really interested to find out.
  • i certainly will do thanks

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  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    Good luck to the fella, it will be a great adventure. 

    I've only hit three figures twice so not expert but as has been said, the key has to be to eat and drink plenty. Hot food works wonders. Obviously start slowly. And believe in oneself, just believe the whole mad thing is worthwhile; and that it's easier than it sounds.

  • All the very best to him.

  • Well he done it fantastic effort 23hrs50mins from Gretna to Thornaby. Thanks for your advice guys.

    His next challenge for charity is to walk 1000miles across Italy

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  • Wow what a fantastic achievement, I live in Thornaby wish i had known what time he was due to finish and I would have gone out to give him a cheer.

    What were his tactics for covering that distance in that amount of time? Did he have set rests, break the route up into smaller segments etc?

    I don't know a great deal about ultra running but what he did sounds very impressive

  • He had planned it very loosely lets say, off the cuff thats just the type of guy he is.

    He has wrote a blog on his own charity page link below.


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