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Think I am gonna have to drop out due to an injury and other reasons I got a place by running for a charity how much notice do I have to give them that I won't be raising money , I have left it this late because I thought a miracle might happen and I could still run it , even wAlking it is not an obtion , not happy at all been training since march.did 7 mile  yesterday with a rotten pain and a limp suffering today but so dam stubborn 


  • won't all the people you have got sponsoring you be happy to have their sponsorship carried over to another race.....

    you could do another half.any old local one in a few months time.it will be the same distance so all that money already promised should be good........

    also all that you have collected through a justgiving type website would already be paid over......

    If you haven't got much time to tell them then you might be asked to make up the difference to the minimum amount yourself..

    best ios to read the small print in the original information they gave you and to contact them

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Best to let the charity know ASAP.

    As said above there are loads of other half marathons so just sign up for one of those when you are fit and then your sponsors will be happy too.
  • Not done a just giving page just got people I know to sponser me so no money has changed hands yet , I wil ring the charity and explain I won't be running see what they say surely j will not be expected to raise the cash if I not run 

  • I wouldn't bet on that one ... !!

    Whats the charity?

  • you signed on the dotted line for it.The charity had to pay for the place.......

    because you took the place then someone else who would have raised the money did not have it......

    so by not running you have effectively deprived the charity of the target amount and taking the money from those who were to benefit from it.......

    so unless you plan to do another race to get the money in the near future then i think you are morally bound to hand over the cash as well as the fact you probably signed the paper saying you would,,,

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I think that's why they call it a "donation" rather than sponsorship now as the handing over the cash is not dependant on the completion of the task.
  • When I had to drop out my charity were fine and didn't ask me to donate or repay the entry fee, I did however do a cycle event instead and got sponsorship for that.

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