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I have been running for about 2 year now, have been happy sticking to 5k at a time of around 25 minutes, have been doing this about 3 times a week along with cycling and other training at the gym. Have been happy doing this up until now but have decided I want to try and increase distance. 

Any tips and advice would be appreciated.

Thanks ! 


  • Whack on a bit each week and do one long run (slow! much slower than you would normally) - don't add too much, people say no more than 10% a week but everyone is different as to what their body can take.  I'd imagine adding a Km a week on if done slowly for the next 3/4 weeks then back off a bit for an easy week and then continue would work fine.  One long slow run a week, and one faster short one with another just get miles in your legs should help your running fitness.

    Plenty on here with more experience than me but this is what I've picked over the last year or two

    My 5K time dropped rapidly from 25 min (to closer to 20 min) from getting my weekly long runs up to 10, 15, 20 Km (all done very slowly, more like 2 minutes a mile slower than my 5K race pace) and a session of faster stuff in there once a week (tempo, threshold, intervals for example).

    Check out to get an idea of your training paces and to get an idea of what you should be capable of at other distances if properly trained.

    I reckon the best way for you to improve both your distance and running fitness is to start a 10/12 week training plan for fun - maybe a 10K, or even a Half Marathon one (that's how I started to increase my distance) - plenty on this site in the training section.  The ybring you up slowly but mixing it up enough to get a decent training effect - doing 3x5K a week at the same pace, week on week,  means you will stop improving after a while.

  • Thank you! Think I will have a look for a good 10k training programme, sounds like an achievable distance if I take my time. I done a 6k today, 33mins so not too bad, won't increase this now for another week image 

  • Going to give slower running and longer distances a go as well 

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