Having cortisone in my foot

I've got Morton's Neuroma in my foot and I've just got a date through for a cortisone injection but it's 6 days before I'm running a marathon. Will I be okay to run by then? 


  • I had a cortisone injection in my knee for itbfs, I have to say its been amazing - I ran the next day no problem but the effect of the cortisone took 2 weeks to kick in and that's when I could run pain free. 

    Is your foot causing you pain and are you hoping the injection will take the pain away To enable you to run the marathon? 

  • cortisone for MN, I was advised not to run after the injection for 2 days and then it would be at full effect - I did this for the 1st injection and the numbing effect lasted for 2 months.

    The 2nd injection I ignored the advise and ran the day after and the numbing effect only lasted 2 weeks.

    So in my experience if you leave 2 days after the jab then you;ll be fine for the marathon...good luck! 

  • Katy, I'm able to run through the pain sometimes (albeit very slowly, slower even than usual) but it's a very on-and-off pain. I will be able to finish the marathon without the injection but it won't be pretty. 

    Betty, thanks for the advice - I'll definitely leave it two days then! Although the specialist did give me the impression that it would just be one injection ever and that would sort it...

  • Nykie, 

    Good luck for the marathon - the cortisone will def help!


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