Marathon in 4 weeks

I'm running the Berlin marathon in 4 weeks and currently have got up to 14 miles with 2x6 miles during the week and a cross training session. (I missed a few weeks through injury otherwise would be up to 18 miles by now). I'm running  at 12 min/miles which means that anything over 14 miles takes me longer than 3 hours. Should I stick to 3 hours even though it is nowhere near the marathon distance or try to push it to 16 this weekand then 18 before tapering off?

I also have arthritis in my knees and run with patella straps but have been wondering if kinesiology tape as well as the straps would be counter-productive.

I intend to enjoy the  day and probably will adopt a run/walk strategy so time is not the issue.


  • If it were me I'd probably try to get in a 3:30/3:45 run or two of whatever distance that is before tapering - at your slow training pace (which I assume is a good minute or two slower than your marathon pace) - being used to running a bit longer than 3 hours in training would help.  Though if you're not worried about time.. but then again you may enjoy it more if you're a little more trained and it is easier.

    Boy, do I wish I'd done an extra long run or two before my first marathon last year, but that thought only hit me at mile 17!

  • Thanks Daeve. I've just done 16 miles in 3:08 and am feeling pretty chuffed and a lot more confident. Will do 2 x 9 miles this week and then 18 miles next weekend. Was going to taper the weekend after as that will be 2 weeks before the race but now think I might try another 18 miles at the weekend. That should give me enough time to recover before Berlin I think. 


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