London to Brighton-Did you all finish

Tim, Ian from the "London to Brighton, Give us a Cheer" thread. Did you both finish and if so what time did you do it in ?

I finished in 9 Hours and 56 Minutes. A bit dissaponted to have missd the time limit but very happy and proud to have finished at all.


  • Alan

    Well done - you're right to be proud, spending 10 hours on your feet is no mean achievement in it's own right - let alone wandering through southern England at the same time.

  • Alan, many congratulations, that's an achievement most of us can only dream of. I thought the time limit was 10 hours? I can understand you feeling disappointed after such a long way.
    Hope you're still getting down the stairs today, well done.
  • Well done Alan. Only if you've done this race do you know just how painful it can be. Your achievement is superb.

    Congratulations to everyone who attempted this magnificent race. I did it in 9 hours and 14 minutes.

    A massive thank you to Tim for keeping me going up to the 30 mile mark and an even more massive thank you to all the marshalls and people on the drinks stations - YOU WERE FANTASTIC!!
  • Well done guys, fantatic achievement.
  • Hi everbody, I was #46, thanks for coming out it was a good day. Ian, it was really good to meet you and have someone to run with, it really helps the miles pass doesn't it. I'm really sorry the hills split us up but its best to run at your own pace. For those that don't know after halfway the hills seem almost non stop.
    I finished in 8 hours 54 minutes ish.
    Oh yes Ian, I think that "spare" gel you got was mine-my bottle was missing at the last drinks station but it didn't matter, I'm glad you got it when you needed it.
  • Well done all of you. What a fantastic achievement. I've always wanted to do an ultra, but the training required is frightening!

    How does your legs feel after that length of time on them?
  • That's an awesome achievement - hat's off!
  • Tim, My "affair" with London to Brighton started about 18 months before the first one I ran! Training starts in thesame sort of time that the training for a marathon would start-late May or June I think.
    The training's not really frightening if you like marathons. The good thing is you've got a reason for running lots of marathons as training.
    Legs are sore afterwards just like they'd be after a marathon. I still have to hold on going down stairs but from past experience I know I'll be okay by Sunday-Manchester marathon.
    At the moment I'm not planning to run next year but its not because I don't want to.
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