Help!!!! Calf pain

Hi everyone i have a very serious problem, i love running and it has always been a passion of mine but everytime i run my calfs on both legs hurt so much like they are swollen and the pain is so much that i cant walk the following day..

but my injury is quite strange i do boxing five days a week and my training consist of skipping, bagwork and cicuit training like squats burpees and strenuous leg work.  My calf and the rest of my body are absolutely fine when i train for boxing, but the moment i run the first mile is fine the 2nd and 3rd is when the pain starts and stays throughout for about three to four days and then it eventually phases out.  When i went to the doctor he has refered me for a mri scan on my lower back for the spine as he said that the problem should be at all time when you train your calfs not just for running, so he believes the spine is ever so slightly narrow which is interfering with a nerve that causes your calfs imflamation when i run. Has anyone else had this similar problem? I feel very worrried as i cant run anymore.


  • Also last year sept 2012 i used to weigh 18st 5lbs and today i weigh 12st 12lbs i have lost loads of weight through dieting and training, the problem with the calfs started in jan 2013 this year' And since then i have not ran, because the pain is unbearable.  

    i have not had my mri scan i am still waiting but my doctor told me that i cant run again for the rest of my life which is something i have to live with. 

  • have you tried using compression calf sleeves, may be worth a try.

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