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Looking for advice from others who might have been in this situation, assuming I;m not the only one! Quick background- I've run for 8 years and I'm currently doing less milage but more quailty session than previously. Average about 25 miles a week. I have never had any problems with my periods before (I'm 32). 

My period stopped compleetly last Oct. Didn't get lighter beforehand, just stopped. I waitied 6 months then went to the Dr. They said to wait another 3 months which I did. HAving gone back I've had all my hormones tested and they have come back normal. I've been told my issue is probably due to 'excessive excercise' and to stop running distances. I know that running can affect your cycle but I wouldn't have thought 25 miles a week was 'excessive' especially given that in previous years I have run much higher milage with no problems. I eat well and have a BMI of 19. I weigh 9 stones and am 5'6 so pretty much normal size wise. I love my job and am under no stress at work/home. 

I'm very reluctant to stop running as I do feel, at the moment, it's a bit of a cop out from my GP. Although it's an improvement on the first GP (male) I saw who told me to make another apt with a famale GP or 'google it'....


  • Hopefully a medic will be along soon, as I can only comment anecdotally, which is to say that at a similar build to you (5'2" and just under 7.5 stone, so similar BMI) and running up to 70mpw (admittedly mostly steady miles, but there is some quality in there, too) I have always had periods.  25mpw certainly isn't much (I don't mean that in a negative sense, simply that compared to what elites do it is low) so I'd be surprised if it is enough to stop your periods.  Has your weight stayed fairly stable?  Are you otherwise fit and well?  All I can really suggest is to request a second opinion from a different GP.

  • Just had a Google, and (unbeknownst to me) it seems that weight is not the crucial thing (so that anecdotal stuff was useless!).  Your body is likely to cease menstruation when in calorie deficit, so the advice seems to be to try upping your calories by about 10% and see if that fixes things.

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