Have you ever been last in an event?



  • Not been last but am often close to it. In my first 5k I was 3rd last. The guy who came last was a Kenyan (albeit about 65 and very overweight). My claim to fame that day was that I beat a Kenyan runner... never let the truth get in the way of a good story image

  • Thought I had last place sewn up at the Stort 30 last year, when I worked as a course sweeper but carried a race number for insurance purposes.  

    I was ultimately denied last place because the penultimate finisher was injured, and I was more concerned about him than the person in absolute last place. 

  • YES! Also dropped out after injury. I should imagine many people on Forum have gone through the same.  Its part of running but is part of running, you will have good times and bad times but running and the community.  We are all here and will give advice and support. So don't worry with training comes progress. 

  • Yes - twice in the same event! I was last overall in the Himalayas 100 mile stage race and joint last with another girl on day 3 which was the marathon day. Not many people can say that their marathon pw is 10h30m!! In our defence, it was a bit hilly and at altitude. But we both finished the whole 100 miles and not so many people have done that image

  • I came 2nd to last at the weekend in the Vit - should have come last but I think the chap behind me had a mechanical. I got exactly what I deserved - I hadnt trained anywhere near enough. Felt like a fraud on the start line but that changed very quickly when I crossed the finish line....... it says finisher on my T-Shirt and its the same colour as the one given to the bloke that finished first (albeit a lot larger)

    Out of 1050 registrations, there were circa 800 starters. Loads of DNS. Some of them might have got injured in the last week and couldnt defer - understandable - but how many just couldnt be bothered to turn up and do it? How many signed up and then couldnt be bothered to do any training at all? They are the ones that bother me cause they have probably robbed someone else of a place.... someone that could be bothered!

    I walked the majority of the run....... because my legs had given up, not because I was being lazy. My legs had given up cause I went for it on the bike, knowing full well I had to get some time in the bank for the jog/walk!

    So now its off to Bolton in 2014 - I have a training plan - I promise to stick to it.



  • I guess coming last is no big deal then. Mind you I have never had a DNF, would that be worse than finishing last?

  • Yes in my very first off road 5k.  But as there were a number of DNS I figured I beat them!

  • "Last is just the slowest winner", and I am sure that will be my favorite saying for many a 5k to come.

  • I've been last a few times, and usually near the back.  I just race myself and my previous times in a particular race or over a particular distance.  I now also have "post baby" PBs to chase in my comeback.image

    DNF should only be an option if you are ill or injured.  I pulled out of a marathon once at 16 miles due to early stage heatstroke.  My only DNF ever.  I still can't wear the t-shirt (handed out at the start rather than at the end).  Pulling out because you can't see the person in front of you is Not A Good Thing and stays with you for a long time. 

    And there's quite often a wee prize for last place - I've had a couple of bottles of wine and some flowers.image

  • In that 10h30m marathon the organiser told us we were still the fastest ever last people in that event! If you see what I mean.....

  • Runnin man wrote (see)

    I guess coming last is no big deal then. Mind you I have never had a DNF, would that be worse than finishing last?

    I DNF'ed my last Marathon.... first ever DNF and at 20 ish miles... so I put myself through 7 miles of indescribable pain, (pain started at half way) determined to finish anyway. I got a lot of sympathy and support and only one piss taker!

    Annoyed, p**ed off, does not even touch it, long drive, family came to watch, what a waste... and my foot still hurts nearly a month later.

    And no it was not because I did not train enough/properly

    Fastest ever last finishers image That's priceless Womble image

  • So yes, DNF is worse and finishing last is not so bad after all

  • I don't have a problem with DNF-ing.

    If you've got a problem, something's starting to hurt, it's sensible to pull out.  Otherwise you can end up doing more damage, and not being able to run at all - what's the point of that?


  • Having marshalled a half marathon for a fair few years, the mid to back packers certainly make the experience a lot better than the front runners.

    The front runners don't really need you, and are too caught up in themselves to barely look at you let alone say anything.

    The middle and back packers seem genuinely grateful we've turned out for them, and in response get more of a cheer!

  • I once fell three times in a 400m hurdles race, finishing almost a minute behind the winner.

    Once you've done something like that, it takes a great deal to embarrass you.

  • Being last is no big deal, I am almost always last in every event I do because I can't do the volume of training I used to.  I am a 60-plus triathlete with a prosthetic hip joint, I am just grateful to be able to race at all nowadays. So count your blessings, people!


  • marshallini wrote (see)

    Last by nearly a minute and I wasn't that far short of my pb image

    results to prove it


    wow and even the first13 women beat you...........that was some field runningimage

  • Bionic Ironwolf wrote (see)

    Being last is no big deal, I am almost always last in every event I do because I can't do the volume of training I used to.  I am a 60-plus triathlete with a prosthetic hip joint, I am just grateful to be able to race at all nowadays. So count your blessings, people!


    I agree, being last has to be taken in context, I mistakenly entered a fell run where I went with the hares instead of the tortoises, tried to change it but had to run and came in three from the back with a time I haven't matched since. I'd have been comfortable in the other run but it forced my pace tha day.  

  • Never been last but have DNF a few times. Nothing wrong with DNF an event for whatever reason. I'll not finish an event if I CBA but know that my CBA I'll still beat a lot of runners who are giving it their best effort. It's usually my head that stops functioning and I just grind to a halt. Sometimes I'll just wait for a back marker and jog round with them. 

    I agree with S. G. When 'racing' I don't notice what is around me, i don't really enjoy that aspect of racing, Iprefer to run slowly sometimes and enjoy myself a bit more. I don't enjoy racing except 5k's.

  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭

    I was last in a ten miler near Wolverhampton in the mid 90s.

    1 hour 39 minutes something. Those were the days.

    DNFing is fine. Far better than making a problem worse.

  • I was last in a run when preggers, got a nice cheer when I finished image

    Had a couple of DNFs too, nothing wrong with that.  In an ambulance with heat stroke and another sick after trying a new sports drink I hadn't used before.  That was a silly mistake!

  • Came last in my leg of the Welsh Castles Relay this year, but did manage to beat the cut-off time (just)

  • I run for the fun so I have come last and do not mind

  • Last in the 1500m at school sports day in 1986!

  • feeling alot better now!!  Am concentrating on just finishing the half, stuff where I come image

  • Good plan. No-one is ever last anyway as they always beat everyone else who didn't do it!

  • In the early 90's before I ever cosnidered actually trying to run, a couple of us entered the Chester 10K for a laugh (OK it was mainly because the nice girl from our office was also running!!).

    Didn't train, whatsoever, and came in dead last, also beaten by most of the guys running the Half that was also on at the same time.

    One mitigating factor though, is we did stop on the way round in one of the pubs for a couple of pints!!!


  • I've not come last but haven't done many races. One thing's for sure though I'd rather finish last than DNF!

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