Have you ever been last in an event?



  • I did my first HIM last weekend and I came last.  I was annoyed that I didnt do the run in the time I know I am capable of but that was a nutrition error, and I could do no better on the day.  Once I got over the annoyed thing I was just happy that I finished and I did so even tho I was shattered - which gives me the confidence to know that I can finish the distance within the time limits even if I am absolutely knackered.  

    And tbh a DNF wasn't an option even if I had to crawl a bit image 

  • I overheard a comment the other day at a 10K race that I though was good.  a lady said it doesnt matter whether you are last because unless you have a chance of winning then the only person your are competing against is yourself.

  • We're loads better than all the couch potatoes who can't be bothered to get up an do something. My clubmates always say if I'm embarrassed about getting an age group prize that it's not my fault if nobody else competes - you gotta be in to win it!

  • my mate once talked me into doing an inline skating race. I'd been more of a street skater at the time, focusing on jumping over things and looking cool. I turned uo to the race in baggy trousers and with a fag, and met with a team of muscly, lycra-clad competitors on 5-wheeled skates. By the time I made it to finish most of lycra guys had already showered. Turned out there were only 3 people in my age category (yes-veteran) and I made it to the podiumimage

  • I've got my first half marathon next weekend and absolutely fully realise that I will be very much last! The previous years race results show me this. I should finish in over 3 hours, but I'm not really bothered by this. The fact that I can even do this pleases me and I really do think that anyone who can do it in LESS than 3 hours must have super human powers!!

    I've not beeFalashas yet in any of the 10kms or 5kms I've done so far, but I've been in the bottom 1/4!

    I am super fat though, so I do realise that this is entirely my issue! 

  • beeFalashas? Using an iPad by any chance? image

  • Glad you found the thread hooves - look back on the posts (including one from me) - it's not that bad coming last.

    Don't beat yourself up over your weight - you are doing something about it.

    Try to pick the positives out of things - make sure your glass is at least half full.

  • I've had to pull out of a couple of races over the years.  It doesn't matter why I had to drop, there are no excuses that I can use to justify my failure.   In those events if I had stayed upright  and dragged myself over the line in last place I would have felt like a champion !  

     I'd love to be able to show a medal and explain how I had to fight the battle of my life to finish in tatters.   Instead I have to look at no medal.

     Now that hurts.

  • I 'ran' the first Tunbridge Wells HM about 27 years ago, myself & my four brothers all got entered by our Dad at 5 day's notice, as he knew the race sponsor & they were trying to get more numbers in the field. I was playing football Sat & Sun at the time & thought I'd be ok to run with a) no run training, b) wearing Dunlop Green flash(!) & c) playing in an important game on the saturday. I got a bit of a calf muscle knock but thought it'd be ok - wrong!

    About 7 miles in it cramped up big time & I had to walk up the dreaded Fordcombe Hill, stopping at the top for a half of lager & lime in the pub, then walked (limped) virtually all the way to the finish. I remember begging people standing at the roadside for food as I was faint with hunger! I finished last in 2hrs 25mins, with A.N.Other thankfully behind me in the results, although there wasn't anyone really. I ran the race again when the football was finished & did what is still my HM PB - 1.27.36, nearly knocking an hour off my course PB. First or last doesn't really matter, I love running & am equally appreciative of top runners & the back of the field runners.

  • There is also the issue of which event you finish last in.  

    Being the last recorded finisher in the Lakeland 100 is obviously a somewhat different proposition to being the last recorded finisher in the Snotby 10k. 

  • No, but with ladybower 50 in 10 days I think this might change. 

    But, as Ben says I'd be perfectly content to be last as long as I finish it. Fingers, and toes crossed. 

    First marathon I was 526 out of 55* finishersimage 

  • Last year I finished last in both a 10k and a 56 mile race, I'm sure I have the ability to finish last at longer distances too if I ever give them a try.

  • I am the slowest runner at my club. The one positive is the rest of the club waiting at the finish line cheering and encouraging me. The fastest in the club doesnt get that! 

  • I'm fully prepared to be last in the half I'm running. But I am scared as my current pace means I'll finish 5 minutes outside of the 3 hour time limit.

    Has anyone finished outside the time limit. Do they let you finish? 

  • I came 3rd from last once doing a half marathon about 10 years ago. I'd done no training whatsoever and just decided on the morning of the race that I was going to do it.

    I'm running a half marathon tomorow but I'm worrying I'm going to come last. The most training i've managed to do is 6 miles. I've run 10 half marathons and one London marathon before,  I also have a physical job which means I'm walking around for up to 4 hours at a time, but I'm really worried about tomorrow for some reason. It doesn't help I have 3 co-worker doing it as well and the results are going to be published in the local paper on Monday. Imagine the shame of it coming last for all to see. image

  • Hi there. Im 12 and I had a race last season where I was up against about 20 other lads my age. At the starting line all I could think about was what it might feel like if i came last. It was such a bad feeling that it spurred my on to run a great race. I didnt come last and I came about 11th and I also got a PB. So a lot of the time when I'm in a race and im nervous, it brings out the best times in me.

  • I've been last a couple of times and I'm pretty much always in the last few.  One race I came last in I was told I got a bigger cheer than the winner, and I was maybe a good five minutes behind the person in front of me so I was luck there were still people at the finish!  To be honest, being last or nearly last has never bothered me, so long as someone is there to give me some water and my medal!  If I'm not last I generally hang around for a bit and cheer the last few on as they come over the line.  image

    At the end of the day, does it really matter where you come?  Unless you're actually looking to win the event then the only person you're really racing against is yourself; if you come last but your time was better than previously then you've won your own personal race and surely that's what counts isn't it?  I guess I'm not as competitive as most of you, for me it's about completing rather than competing.  When I cross the finish line my hubby is as proud of me for finishing last as he would be if I was first across the line and that means far more to me than what anyone else thinks image

  • Next weekend I'm doing a local half marathon with only 350 signed up to it, as I was 200 from last place last week in a race with 10,000 people I can pretty much expect to be last this time round.

    I'm slighly paranoid everyone is going to have gone home without me so am making sure I get a few friends to meet me at the finish line for morale support but also to tell the race organisers I'm still running!

  • Yay, Runnin Man, I bumped into you at Run to the Castle. We helped each other out, huh? And you guys overtook us twice!! Was just gonna say did first ultra and came 34th out of 43 and felt absolutely ecstatic and invincible!! To finish is the thing...

  • I just joined the last club. Ladybower 50image 

  • Don't worry about them going home Scampy, there will be a marshal on a bike following round the course who brings up the rear and makes sure everyone knows there are still people out on the course (or they should do) so you'll be fine image  On my 10k he was beind me for the last half of it! image

    Booktrunk, I think you're bloody amazing just for finishing that, no matter where you came.  You have my utmost respect, I wouldn't even make it to the start of that!


  • When I first started (39 years ago) I was quite often the tail end Charlie in Hampshire XC league races as a boy / youth.

    I also finished 2nd last of 531 finishers in the Southern XC at Parliament Hill when I was 15 or 16.

    But anyone can improve.....10K PB of 35:36 & 10 miles in 59:17.......Sadly the years are now catching up with me and I'm drifting back towards the back of the field.

  • In a triathlon I've been last out the lake. But because a few waves of people started after my wave. I don't think anyone noticed image

    Then I had absolute cracking day on the bike and an average perfomance on the run so I managed to make quite a bit of time back. Thats the beauty of triathlon. 

    But I have moe respect for someone who still goes out and runs in their 50's and 60's + or someone who needs to loose weight than some young bean pole who can easily get a quick time.

  • I was last from 400m into a 10k race, I got the company of the man on the bike the whole way round. It just gets a bit embarrassing when you cross the line after they have done the prize giving, when it is a small low key event.

    Plus the marshalls ask you "are you the last" to which I reply "not sure but probably"


  • I've been in the last few but I refuse to be defeated about it and take it emotionally.  As long as the race is finished it shows yourself what you need to work on if anything to improve training.  August Cheddar Gorge HM 3:44, Bristol HM 2:37 Forest of Dean HM 2:44.  For Cheddar and FOD I was in the last 5 but considering in a month I cut an hour off my first HM time even with coming last I know I'm stronger for completing the race! 

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