Hi I have recently started to get a dull ache in my left hip. Its difficult to pinpoint, but it radiates from my waist area ( left hand side) around the back of my glutes. Its not too bad when I run, but is agony afterwards. Today my left ankle also feels sore. I bought new shoes 2 months ago, and did a Marathon in June. I havnt done much running since then, and what I have done has been on a treadmill. Im not very patient with things like this!! I just want to run. Any ideas?


  • Sounds remarkably like something I was dealing with after my Marathon.

    I started with a pain in my thigh which significantly shortened my stride and after some work from my physio all that remained was a pain in my hip. It was hard to find the spot where it exactly hurt sometimes it felt like it was right in the joint other times more around the side, every time I think I've found the spot it seems to move on.

    As it turned out I had an imbalance in the way I run. My pelvis was rotating in an abnormal way and my feet weren't strong enough.

    I'm on a course of core and feet strengthening exercises to make sure everything is all in balance again.

    I also changed my running style to a forefoot strike and this has got rid of my hip pain all together.

    I'd recommend Eric Orton's book the Cool Impossible. It's a bit weird in the way it's written but even the basic exercises have started to have their desired effect!

    Good luck with it

  • Thank you for that, I shall get the book, may even invest in some physio. Ive been sat down since my run this morning, and struggled to get up to take the dog for a walk! but once I got moving it was ok.......ish! image

  • That's exactly how I was. Sore after a run and then stiff and painful after sitting still for a while.

    I'd wholly recommend some good physio. It will shorten your injury time and if you pay attention and ask questions you can learn a lot about your body and it's injuries

  • I will research the options and hopefully I will be ready for my next marathon. Its on 22nd September, I think its just going to be a case of get to the end and forget the time...that's pretty much what I always do! image 

  • Get sorted by a physio, or do like I did and ignore it and take years of it getting worse before spending a fortune to get sorted out and running pain free. It is probably a muscle imbalance that is causing your problems and if left, all the muscles tighten up and get weak.

  • I was just looking online at the cost of physio and thinking " too expensive" but after reading your post.... I will probably bite the bullet and get some treatment image

  • katie - definitely at least have one physio appointment to seek advice.  I've had a similar problem and am also on a programme of glute and core strengthening exercises.

  • Physio here I come!.............image


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