Toe pain

Hi, wondering if anyone has experienced the same pain as myself and has any advice? Recently the joint around my big toe has started to hurt when running, i run on the road but recently entered a fell race and used x -trail trainers which were fine, i washed both trainers on a cool quick wash. But since returning to road running and road trainers (post fell race) the joint has become painful, i'm unsure if this is an injury or if trainers may have caused this? I've had the trainers for possibly 150-200 miles, is it time to get new trainers? Would welcome any advice,


  • Not sure and hope others might answer your questions. Because the pain started before the fell run, might have picked up injury.  I would have thought that the trainers still have milage left in them. I once had same problem, this was coursed by my knee, because the muscle in the knee was not in line was landing slightly on one side which coursed my toe joint seperating (nothing to worry about )  Because of modern  trainers are design for all running styles and found ones that helped me. so see Doctor could be simple as gout 

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