Newbie sub 30 5k

Hello all. Okay to set the scene, I'm no runner, never have been. However I have a gym membership, don't go enough, but can do 20 mins on a treadmill at 9 or 10 kmh (I think the pre-sets are kmh not mph!). I do however do lots of cycling, done a couple of longer rides, coast to coast etc.

I've always fancied trying to be a runner, but I find running on roads is torture compared to a treadmill. I made a start with C25K, but gave up as it feels like I'm not progressing, maybe I'm impatient. However I've made an effort and have been out 3 times in the last week, just done a couple of miles at anything from 8 to 10 mins/mile, I dunno if thats good or bad. However tonights run feels as though something has clicked, still had to stop and walk for 3 intervals of 60 seconds. But overall, I've just done a 5k (so says gmap pedometer) in a shade under 30 mins, which I'm quite pleased with.

Just looking for advice on where to go from here, like carry on doing the same loop and try to cut out the walking, or try to extend distance ? How fast should you be running....tall with long legs here, mid-40's image

I think the worst thing is that you have no idea what speed you're doing, which is the one thing I like about treadmills. Presume speed doesn't really matter for now, just get miles in and improve ?








  • I have a garmin, tells me how fast, how steep the hills are, how long, how many miles...etc etc. I'm sure it even tells me how long until it starts to rain. Running on a dreadmill is torture. 

    To improve your running time and distance its more and run faster. Increase the length of time running. For example, if you're running 3 x 9 minutes with a 1 minute walk in between then why not try 2 x 15 minutes with a 2 minute walk in between? Do that for a week and then progress to 2 x 20 minute runs and a thirty minute run. After that, get yourself to a parkrun, get yourself a 5k pb instantly and you have a time to base some training on. Smartcoach isn't a bad place to start. You simply enter a recent race time (your park run), set yourself a target (another park run or maybe a 10k). Put in how many weeks until the event and hey presto, you have a training schedule. 

    To run at the paces suggested on training schedules however, you will need a watch. And they're not free. You can pick up a gps watch for less than £100 now. Simply bin the waste of time gym membership and its paid for in three easy installments. 

    Good luck

  • Thanks for the response, good advice re: 2 x 15's, it's obvious but never occured to me. I think Parkrun is a way off, I don't want to be last, so I'll work on the basics for now, but I will re-visit it. As for a watch, mine does the basics, stopwatch, so good enough. Have used the phone for GPS/mapmyrun but it's a drag as too big (Galaxy S4). Shall have a look at Smartcoach.

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