It's been a long time......

I've just started running again after many years away. I was forced to give up when I was 19 (over 20 years ago) because of intense pain around my shins when running. I tried resting, running on grass, physio etc but no joy. A few years later I found out I had chronic exertion compartment syndrome with the only resolution being an operation. My GP didn't recommend it so I just gave up hope of running again.

I've often missed running, especially around London Marathon time, I just wished I could be there taking part, I've never run more than a half marathon (I 'specialised' at 800m with a PB of 1:56). A couple of weeks ago I just felt like running so done some research and found out about 'barefoot' running and the availabilty of shoes to promote it. I ordered some and they are great!

I ran 8.5 miles in 4 sessions during the first week at around 7:30 - 8:00 minute mile pace over a couple of miles, although I had to stop to walk / stretch a couple of times. And no pain in my shins, just pain everywhere else! It's hard work! 

So here I am, starting again, running style all over the place, sweating like a good'un. We'll see what happens, I just need to remember I'm not 19 anymore!


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