London Social Friday 13 September 2013



  • Well, that was nice! image

  • It was indeed, not long been home  - it's mighty stormy out there!

    Lovely to meet everyone image

  • Good morning all, it was great to be able to meet up with some people at last and properly congratulate SC.

    I got home at 10. Mr Steady came and got me from the station. The train was OK as there seemed to be quite a few lone women travelling, that part of getting home was a slight worry, I obviously need to get out more.

  • SuperCaz is now on her way home! Lovely to see everyone!

  • Back home after a wonderful 24 hours or so.  Thank you to Mr Frog and Womble for looking after me and it was great to see faces old and new.

    So... when's the next one?

  • Glad you had a good time - so did I image!  Lovely to see you all.  Made a damp and soggy way home last night and a damp and soggy ascent of Box Hill this morning.  Bear meanwhile stayed at home drying out.

  • Yes, BBH, it has been damp and horrible all day in the Surrey Hills.

    I have started to look at how much it will cost to go to the Xmas social up in Sheffield. The megabus looks like a cheap journey but not sure if they are reliable.

  • Steady, get a megabus to Leicester and I'll take you the rest of the way.  I believe that you can get tickets for about £10 return, or about £25 with National express.  Make sure you book a ticket as otherwise you might not get a seat.  My one experience of Megabus was that we were delayed as the bus developed a fault with the door so couldn't leave Victoria.  I don't know how representative of their service that is.

  • Thanks for the offer SC I will bear it in mind.

    I looked at train prices and quickly ruled out that method. I want to be able to enjoy myself so was looking at ways to get there without too much hassle.
    I still have the option to drive but will need to sober up before the long drive home which in the winter could take some time, plus it is further than Nottingham which is the furthest I have driven on my own.

  • Thank you for the pressie Bear.  It survived until breakfast... just about image

  • Se scoffed it down in a very genteel way though image

  • I was trying to be polite.  I normally eat it at least 5 times that quick!

  • I bought advance tickets for Sheffield. I could have got cheaper ones but the times weren't right. The return journey cost me £70. That's from the South Coast. One night in the B&B cost about the same. 

    It could have cost over £90 each way. image

  • lovely to meet everyone Friday. Twas a good evening, just sorry I couldn't stay longer. Shall we do it again sometime?

  • We should but I think we still need to find the 'right' venue.

  • It wasn't bad, but given that many of us haven't seen each other for a while it was a bit too noisy to be able to catch up on gossip.

  • Yep, too noisy and difficult to find each other. If someone new arrived on their own they would never find us. But the beer was great. What went wrong with Doggets? 

  • Much the same reasons I think Soupy.  They stopped giving us our own area so it got very crowded and noisy

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