Heart rate monitors

I've been cycling for a few years but now just getting back into running after a long time away from the sport.

I use a Garmin computer and compatible heart rate belt for capturing my rides and upload them to Strava so I've been uploading my runs to the site too. I use my HTC phone to record my run and wondered what heart rate monitors are compatible with my phone and the Android app.

Any suggestions or tips would be gratefully received.....


  • Sorry not a direct answer to your question.  So I'm apologising in advance if you think this is an annoying waste image but... have you considered getting a garmin running watch and just using your existing Garmin HRM?

    I love my watch easy to look at your stats whilst you are running which you cannot do easily with a phone. More accurate IMHO for the distance covered. Less to carry around when out running it's just a watch image

  • people who use phones for tracking runs seem to get wide variances. 

    I've only ever used a garmin watch, and unlikely to change in the near future.

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