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Overpronation and flat feet/low arch ?

I recently had an injection under x ray for some inflammation in my ankle caused by overpronation. I never had a problem when I ran in Inov8s off road or when running on road. But since trying Merrell mix masters minimalist shoes I got swelling and pain till I had to stop. Not run since March and finally had treatment last week.

Orthotics were recommended but I really do not wont something so permanent to cover the problem if it's possile to improve the overpronation and arch.


  • Although just joined Forum. I do know there are trainers that sort problems like yours out, must be someone on forum that will know more 

  • Stop wearing the Merrells?

  • I have stopped wearing them some time ago

  • There are strengthening exercises for the feet to try and correct the issues you have. I have similar issues and run in Brooks Adrenalines - not had any problems since I switched.

  • Thanks Peter, I have heard good things about Brooks. I have been looking for someplace local that do the Brooks Cascadia.

  • It -is- possible to strengthen your foot and ankle muscles. I had flat feet and was recommended anti-pronation shoes. Instead I chose to go minimalist (VivoBarefoot Neos, mainly) in 2011 and I now only wear minimalist, for distances so far up to 50 miles, and I've even run a parkrun barefoot. I now have foot muscles and an arch - which I didn't have three years ago.

    However, you do need to start gradually with short distances (e.g. 400 metres to start with, before changing to your usual shoes for the rest of your run), and work up. There are also exercises for strengthening the feet and ankles - some suggested on various barefoot running sites and some which are supposed to get all your foot and leg muscles working together properly, described in Eric Orton's "The Cool Impossible" - I've just started on those and intend to really try his programme starting at the end of this month (after my last 50-miler of the year).

  • s Debra, made me feel much more positive. Changing shoes and became disheartened a little that it was just years of damage playing sport and not much hope but just needed some good advice and a bit of motivation.

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