Pregnant beginner

Hi my names Ann, I'm a 32 year old new runner and I've just found out I'm pregnant. Don't want to lose the last 9 months of hard (but enjoyable) work I've put into my running
are there any other pregnant runners out there with any tips for me - help!


  • Hi Anne. As you have already started running, just keep on doing it. I'm not pregnant, but one of the girls who i coach is so i'm learning from her and from what i can pick up off the internet. have you tried using a search for 'running and pregnancy?'
    From what i have learned - you will become breathless more quickly so slow down. you will overheat, so wear layers that you can peel off. You will need more water/sports drink on the way and for afterwards. You will need to stop for a pee so use routes with plenty of bushes or petrol stations with toilets, and if you start to feel dizzy - for goodness sake, walk!!
    Other than that, just run as you feel. Listen to your body.
  • It just so happens that I came across this article this morning:

    Hope it helps. Seemed good when I read it and I'm not pregnant nor have I ever been. I like to be prepared for these things!
  • Hi Ann

    I am also with child and managed to run the Great North Run in a personal worst time, but at least i finished it. Keep your heart rate low, and if possible invest in a heart rate monitor. I will soon be hanging up my outdoor running shoes until next year and going a gym till after the baby is born.

    Hope all goes well with you.
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