London Marathon 2014

I really hope so, cos I have a place with the British Heart Foundation team and right now I can't run a mile!! Would really appreciate support, advice, comments, chats, anything to keep me focused on going from 0 to 26 in less than 8 months!! (I will post a profile photo, but it cant be done from an ipad.....!) image



  • Welcome to the forum image

    You'll need 2 essential pieces of kit before you start - a properly fitted pair of shoes from a running shop and a good sports bra.


    Gosh...sounds like you know me well! Yes, I do most definitely need a good sports bra, and I went and got fitted for a "shockabsorber" at the weekend. Seems to do the trick. Shoes? Yes, got myself some Brookes, cos apparently my arch has dropped so I need support. I told the nice lady it wasnt just my arch that had dropped at my age.....which is probably why she then suggested the sports bra!  image

  • If its any help - i went from not being able to run 2or 3 miles to completing Brighton marathon in 03:40 then 03:13 this year.

    When i started I had to keep stopping and walking, and after my runs i physically could not walk down stairs! but i lost 3 stone in a few months and then entered a 10k, which seemed a very long way at the time!!! then did a 10 mile run (never thought i would make that either), then half, then marathon. Hardest part was getting to 10k and 10 mile, then it was just progression - stick with it through the aches and pains as it is worth it!

    I ditched my sports bra after i lost 3 stone image

  • Thanks Paul - your timing in replying is perfect. It's grey and raining here today and I am due to do a 2 miles session as part of my training plan (downloaded from my asics site, was quite impressed) and I have to say I was already thinking up good reasons to ditch the schedule today - but you inspired me! Thank you!

    Fantastic times in your marathon too - my aim is simply to complete it at the moment, with a secret goal of less than 5.5hrs.....image


  • My initial goal was around 5.5 hrs or just finish. - i just went for a run today - nice day for it i thought, as its better than boiling hot, and you will feel reaaly good after it - trust me. I had a training plan, which i did not stick to religously, but looked at every day and logged my distances. (i found this was a good way to stay motivated). Let us know when you have done your run!!!!! image

  • I forgot to say - I'm entered for 2014 London marathon this year as well! (which is why I found this thread)

  • Yay - well when you speed past the red faced, sweaty old lady (still in a huge sport's bra!) give me a cheer!! image


  • I think you are probably a lot younger than me image i started running at 40 a couple of years ago.

    and sweating is good for you ! But i will give you a cheer anyway image



  • Well, I will take all the compliments I can get - but I am 47 already!!! image


  • you are in your prime!!! - But i have noticed that i need to back off some times when i get a few injuries or niggles, and you will for sure get sore knees, shin splints or blisters etc.

    Something I found hard when i started was to know if it was serious (injury) and needed to back off or if it was just aches and I needed to MTFU.

  • Yeah, I noticed my knees ache, I had a new ACL in a few years back (too many rugby games in my glory days!) and that gives me some gyp. I guess I may need to look for sponsorship from Boots for the anti inflams and Birds Eye for the frozen peas!

    My problem is I would happily use any niggle as a reason to not train - especially in these early days when even 2 miles leaves me feeling worn out, but I am hoping that by keeping to the plan, even if at a slower pace, I will build up my ability! Hoping......

    Failing that I will simply adopt your policy and WTFU!!


  • I like that. WTFU image

    I have done my ACL from skiing and other knee ligs from skiing! However I found that running has made my knees better, I presume by strenghtening the muscles supporting them. (still take glucosamine and chondroiten as im paranoid about my knees)

    I still remember the days when I thought i would never be able to run 3 miles without stopping. takes time, but worth every step.

  • On the subject of knees, mine have never been better.

    I started running in 2008 after approx 18 yrs of playing rugby and I was really worried what it would do to my knees. It was a bit of a struggle at first but now 5 yrs on I regularly run 50-60 miles a week with no knee problems at all.
  • 50 - 60 miles?? Eeek! Puts my 6 miles a week in perspective - I've got a way to catch up!! Hopefully my knees will last, if I get pain anywhere at the moment it's the front outer shin! Hey ho!

  • when i started running i got pain in the front of the outer shin! could not stop running as it would come back so had to try and not do too much while i had that pain but not stop altogether!. - basically shin splints, as they are not used to running.

    Dont worry about the 50-60 miles - never do that amount and it makes my eyes water as well - i mean if i did 3 10ks and a 18 mile run thats still under 36 miles.

    for my first marathon i built up to a 6 mile, a 5 mile and long run of about 18-19 miles so 30 miles a week running 3 days a week. - 6 miles is still better than 90% of the population!

  • Millsy - do you run twice a day some days as I often wonder how people rack up such miles in a week as my weeks only have 7 days.

  • I would love to be someone who enjoyed running so much I wanted to run 50+ miles a week. In fact I would love to want to run 6 miles a week (image) but I am still at the 'oh no, I 've got to run tonight' stage....

    It will come, I hope. Everything you have said Wenty convinces me of that!


  • stu jstu j ✭✭✭

    I had quite a bit of pain in my shins after my run when I started, I tended to stick my feet up in the evening & throw some ice packs / bag o' peas on them and that seemed more than enough to calm them back down.  I carried that on for quite a bit even if I didn't have the pain and eventually it just went away with conditioning.

    (good luck with the training & fund raising!)

  • worked for me! - i still sometime have the "oh no i have to do a long run saturday morning" image - but feel good after it! image

    BUT it will take you a good month or 2 and it will feel like a long time if it is anything like i went through.

  • Thanks Su - frozen peas are now a staple in my freezer - and any excuse to stick my feet up in the evening is just fine with me!

    Fundraising is an interesting one, it's a fine line between hassling friends and letting them know what I am up to. I've never asked for sponsorship before (well, I have never done anything so daft as a marathon!) but so far people have been generous - and that really helps too. My local newspaper is printing my blog, so that helps!


  • Wenty - what I really need is someone like you living next door to me to keep me going ha ha!

  • I bet there are loads of people in your local area like me! - I'm always keen to encourage people as i have felt so so much better since running! Best thing I ever did. I played alot of cricket, rugby , skiing etc. But i feel better after running, even though i dont pysically love the actual running (it just becomes easier).

    I can be a Virtual next door neighbour!

  • I'm happy to have a virtual trainer and neighbour! Works for me!

  • I find it's easier on the legs  and saves on moving costs!!!

    and you can just blag it and pretend you have run miles and mile!!!! (whilst sitting at home tucking into food) image

  • hahah yep, I haven't really even started running - in fact I'm eating the chips and downing a pint right now..... I WISH!!


  • I'm in too, just started running on May 26th this year, couldn't run 1 mile without walking part way! Just completed 17 miles today! Doing the Robinhood half this month..

  • wow, that's good to hear Michael....I can't begin to imagine running 17 miles yet when just 1 is still impossible without a walk break. I'm impatient....I've done 7 runs now and my brain tells me I should be able to do a mile without stopping but my body tells me otherwise!! Good luck with the Robinhood, let me know how you get on!


  • Michael that is very impressive !!! from 1 to 17 miles in 3.5 months is exceptional, however alot of people would get injured trying to increase the distance that quickly.

    You must be a natural!

    Cascita, I have brain problems as well - it keeps telling me to stop or slow down still. I think running is just as physcological as it is physiological. - especially endurance. Long runs help fool the brain.

  • Ha - my brain and my body are fighting each other at the moment. I'm hoping they will call a truce soon and work together! But I have a rest day today (my asics plan has me jogging 2 miles 4 times a week - and this phase lasts a month, thank god!)

  • I dont think you have to stick to these plans rigidly - if you feel better one day then try and sneek another .5 - 1 mile out of yourself and if you feel a bit tired then maybe slack off a bit. Most important thing is getting yourslef to stick with it to start with, i found if i could be better than the plan it gave me encouragement, but others may have the opposite effect of this.

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