London Marathon 2014



  • Hmm - I think i would change your running shoes Gregg!!!

  • Nah. I love them. They have served me well in a marathon, 4 half marathons, a 10 miler, 3 10ks and 2 5milers in less than a year. Yet to get worn or scruffy. If I'd made it into vlm 2014 I might have treated myself, but I didnt. No point in going for a charity. I have trouble getting a hundred quid, let alone 2 grand.

  • yes i could never do the 2 grand route - but was lucky enough to get in on running a quick enough marathon.

    Your shoes may have served you well but I noticed if i dont change my running shoes I start getting injury niggles which go away when i get new running shoes (just change last pair after about 1000 miles! (waited a bit long really as got a black toe nail from them). But i guess different people have different styles and your running gait might be better than mine.


    I said I would never , ever do the charity route..... Could not resist!! .... See you at the start line Cascita!
  • Hey you are in - Well done Bookey!!!!

  • Lucky gits.

    Well, I dont think I've done enough miles to need new shoes yet. They still even look only about 2 days old. All the training miles dont even make a difference, because (again probably against what others might advise) I have a different pair for training. The same make and model as I 'compete' in tho. I did think about that. I didnt want to compete in something that feels different than what I've been getting used to in training. It works for me anyway, but it also prevents a foreseeable problem for me, which is entering an event, training for weeks, and my trainers being completely beyond use a week before the event, and not having enough money for new ones. Or not being able to get the same make and model because they are out of stock or discontinued or something, and having to compete in untried and untested trainers.

    I've no idea about my gait. I am pretty big on posture and symmetry and stuff tho, and it feels like im a midfoot striker. It only took me three days to recover from the London marathon. Don't know what the usual recovery time is, but i remember thinking i must have a fairly economical running style.

    or maybe it just hasn't occurred to me to try a change, just because I havent had any problems yet.





  • Yay.......I'm happy you are in too BookT!! You can run your marathon then come back around for me hahaha!!! Go for it....the charity fundraising is quite fun, i will sponsor you for all the motivation you have given me....! image


  • Morning - thought y'all might enjoy this - sent to me by an American chum who has an idea what I am going through. What we all go through I guess! Hope you all had a good weekend - I ran (!!) - only 2 miles and the knee isnt right for sure, but I iced as soon as I got home and it's fine today.



  • Cas, you really need to sort that knee out, because if its causing you jip when you do 2 miles, it aint going to be pretty after an 18 mile training run later on!

    But hats off to you for sticking with it!

  • Hi Wenty - I know, I am worried about it and I am at the physio tomorrow at 8am to see what I can do. I just am very nervous to stop altogether because it's taken me 5 weeks to get to 2 miles and I am scared I will not be able to run even half the course come 13th April if I dont crack on with the training. I usually believe in the old style of working through the pain but I know tomorrow I may be told not to do that. If so I will have to look at other ways to build up fitness without running. I'm a bit bummed about it all to be honest!image


  • How did it go with physio?
  • Hi BT...thanks for asking. He said its a problem with my fatpad. I almost decked him, but then he explained its nothing to do with me being still a bit chubby, but the fat pads of my knee (which I didnt even know existed). I need to keep icing, and get orthotics in the shoes as i really over pronate which is the cause. So it's good news in that its not the ligament, but he did say my past injuries will make me more prone to pain, hey ho, pain vs mind and all that. As soon as he said that I went home and ran. And ran my quickest two miles so far.....cos i was not going to let pain get the better of me!  Lets see if I can walk tomorrow. image

    Ive been reading your original thread by the way, with all the replies from folk - you should write a book!! 


  • Hurrah. With regards to the distance just don't worry at some points you will probably do jumps like might go from 8k to 10 to 12 so gaining a week or two back in training and remember only need to get up to 20 or 21 miles before the marathon. The last 10k is possibly going to be new territory on marathon day, so only need to fain another 28/29 km and 22 or so weeksimage
  • Cas Sounds quite good news! Ice ice and more ice (I found lots of volterol really good as well)

    As BT says you will have jumps in distance after the first 2-3 mile stage - plenty of time. The really really important part is getting to the start line not injured!!!!

  • Thanks BT and Wenty - I'm hoping to up the distance this weekend. I feel really motivated again after being a bit fed up about the pain. I have entered a 10K at the end of November, to give myself a goal short term - it's the Mo-run for Prostate cancer, and should be a fun event, not too serious, but give me an idea of how I perform in race conditions. I've bought my stick on 'tache already - given that I cant grow one ha!! The doc has prescribed me Naproxen to help get through the pain too, if it continues.

    When do you guys have your next race? I think Wenty you have Amsterdam??

  • I've got Leicester Marathon on Sunday 13th.  My right ankle is sore i've over worked it i think so i've got a sore ligament but so i'm basically resting and might do a very short jog on the Thursday or Friday before but just going to leave it and hope it will be ok for then image After that i don't have anything at all planned through the winter.  Just want to get slightly rested and then go for it again.  Have got a little carried away planning next year already, and have 3 maybe 4 marathons planned, and two Ultras.  All Between April and October next year.

  • Oooh Leicester - virtually on my doorstep! Good luck with that, I will keep my fingers crossed for you, are you hoping for a specific time? My 10k is just up the road in Nottingham a couple of weeks later.

    It's addictive this running lark - I mean I cant even do 30 mnutes comfortably yet but I was looking at races in 2014 to see which I fancied having a go at. How crazy! When my physio said my body would be better suited to biking not running I even started contemplating triathlons. I must be ill!

    So London I  know about, which charity are you doing it for? two ultras? The chap who is helping me from the loacl running club is doing a Brighton to London one I think! Nutters!

  • I went to a physio and he said i was not suited to running as well!!! - Make yourself suited to running!!! Simples. Takes time for the body to adjust as running is hard on every part of the body.

    I might do warrior run this weekend then a half next weekend followed by Amsterdam on 20th October. then next year only have Barcelona (march) and London (april) oh and a half and a couple of 10ks in for good measure.

    10k end of november is a good move as it will give you something to aim for.

  • Cascita: It's my local as i'm in Loughborough image

    I had got to the stage that everything said i'd do just sub 4:30 but the Ultra was darn hard work and i've only had 2 runs since because of my ankle,,, so not sure a friend of mine beat my current pb 4:56:13 by 1 minute and 9 seconds in his first marathon. So come hell or high water I really want to beat his time image I'd be content just to do that, but i'd love sub 4:40. 

    It might actually be my first DNF as well with the ankle. Now that i'm taking it all a bit more seriously if it's to bad i'd rather have a DNF then really screw my ankle up and spend to long out of training.  It's nothing serious just a slightly strained ligament from what I can self diagnose image

  • Yep, I can understand that way of thinking - but fingers crossed it's all ok and you get your sub 4:40....!

    I've been cheering myself up watching youtube clips of people finishing marathons on their hands and knees rather than give up - but sadly that lead me to see clips of people hitting the wall and I was gobsmacked! I didnt realise that you literally couldnt control your legs - they look like gawky newborn foals trying to stand up!

    When I was self diagnosing my knee I would look at all the med pages, then take the bits I wanted to hear from each one - haha not sure that is how it is meant to work though!



  • hey cas - you might have seen me on you tube as it sounds like me at the end of a marathon!

    Actually sounds like most people at the end of a marathon....... you will find that out LOL!!!

  • Yeah, I can easily imagine myself like that too!

    So Warrier run this weekend right? Good luck if so. And BT is resting her ankle (hope that feels better) I plan to go up to 4 miles on Sunday - suddenly it seems a bit easier to run. I dont mean earth shattering speeds, just that I dont feel the need to give up and walk so soon into the session now and I feel like I can squeeze some more distance out of fingers crossed.



  • Yeah, resting ankle.  Getting tempted to go for a very slow jog, but think i should rest it...... Cannot decide!! image I think i want a short run just because i'm so used to running now it feels impossible going a week without a run! haha i cannot get over the fact, it's me saying something like that image

  • I love that you say that because I want it to be me! I really find it so motivational to know how much weight you have lost and how into running you have become. I want to be a Booktrunk II! I tell eveyone about you when they run with me - so I think you are inspiring a whole new set of runners! But still, take it easy cos ankles are funny buggers - I think they are worse than knees when they hurt. Although they are easier to strap up!

  • BT is the most inspiring runner i have known as well. Indeed ankles are a complex joint as they are one of the rare 3 boned joints and have the whole bodys weight on it and some of the biggest tendons!

  • Blush !!

    awww thanks image 

  • money is on you running....- did you?? 

    Wenty - how did the warrior run go?

    I actually ran continuously for the first mile of my run today. I am gObsmacked! First time I have managed that.....and I went on to do almost 4 miles with my usual run/walk/bitch routine so I am on a real high. 

    Thank you both for making me believe I can do this. Run....that is. I'm still worried about doing 26 and a bit of them though hahah. 




  • Hurrah that is brilliantimage you are flying  image in a month you've already over 1/7th of the race distance. 

    I waa naughty it was so nice I had to test my ankle 5k in 28:53

  • Well done Cas - 4 miles is starting to get to be a substatial run. next step will be migration from Run/walk/bitch to run/bitch like the rest of us!!

    my personal view is that 2 or 3 runs of 5 or 6 miles is good base training to start marathon training so you are almost there

  • Thanks guys - it's so nice to start Monday with encouragement and the feeling I am getting somewhere!

    BT - glad the ankle held up, I had a feeling you would have to do it! Wenty glad to hear you still run/bitch. I do feel good chuntering under my breath as I go along, but I am sure folk think I am some escaped lunatic!

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