I think I'm too slow now...

Ok, started C25K last year did well got to the end but had to give up due to persistent hip problem, not occuring while running but after staying still for too long, it started around week 5 of the programme. Dr said it needed physio but didn't actually diagnose anything. Anyway while waiting I just gave up running. Hip improved so decided summer holidays would be a good time to re-start but with a view to slowing down and taking it easy to avoid buggering up my hip as I think I may have started running too fast. Checked my RunDouble app data for last year and was at one point running 20mins at 9.54 pace which I thought was ok.

No problems with hip as yet, on week 6 of programme and today's stats were 1.86 miles in 22 mins at a 12.03 pace, so slower than last year but is that too slow, am I wasting my time? I'm trying to make sure I don't get injured again but worried I may as well walk considering my pace!!!!

Just wanted some advice...


  • It's fine, just keep running reguarly that's the most important thing. 


    It isn't exactly a problem that you're running slower than you were last year, especially since you're trying to be sensible with an injury. 

    It's also better to compare numbers from the start, to numbers a month later and so on. Comparing them from where you used to be at your peak, or day by day can be quite disheartening. If you look at month by month you'll see consititant improvement.

  • When I finished c25k I was just managing 11 min miles and that was a lot, lot faster than I was at week six. Now, two months later I'm consistently at ten min miles, sometimes less and I haven't been focusing on speed. It just kind of happened! 

    I think if you just keep on the programme it will work, it has done for thousands of others. Doesn't matter how slow, you're still out there doing it!

  • Absolutely no such thing as "Wasting your time". It doesn't matter how slow you run, you are still faster than anyone sat on their couches in front of the TV!

  • Well said mattywarr!!!

  • If your running goal is to lose weight / feel good / get fit then pace is irrelevant - you'll still get benefit

  • Have to agree with Mattywarr, it doesn't matter how slow you go, at least you are up off that couch and out there doing it!!!! I have only been walk/running for about 9 weeks and lets just say I am very much over 21 and I run slower than most of the people on here walk. But even I am seeing the improvement week on week, Just keep going!!

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