Recently I've started having honey on my Readybrek to make it a little more interesting. As well as throwing some of Tesco's Fruit, Nut & Seed mix on there.

I tried it out as I'd heard it was meant to be good for you, but now I'm completely hooked on it! I have about 2-3 bowls a day. One right before bed.

Could it actually be healthy though? I get the impression something that tastes so good can't be good for you!


  • Readybrek? That's the stuff porridge processors throw away isn't it?? Get some proper oats - big fat organic ones! They have texture and flavour as they don't turn to mush. But I wouldn't eat anything other than crisps three times a day - too much of any one thing can't be good.

  • Sounds like a lot of sugar to consume in one day.

    Doesn't sound overly healthy to me.
  • yes it great for you keep it up image im the same 3 bowls a Day try the porridge in lidl 39p a bag great value better than readybrek.

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