Chester Marathon 2013 - Hotel needed!

Holla all,

Ive just sorted out an entry.... Just need to sort out a hotel room now!

If anyone has dropped out and now has a hotel/bnb which they have booked i'll be happy to buy it off them as I have just checked briefly online and not much accomodation left in the centre of town.

I will be getting the train up from London, so only really need a Saturday night.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • I just checked the Holiday Inn at the racecourse, rooms available from £104. Unless you camp on the start line, you couldnt get any closer.


  • Best western Queen hotel is opposite the station and has rooms, although the rates have gone up a bit?  It looks pretty comfy for that per race night of tossing and turning.

  • Cheers both - I am thinking of the Travelodge at Ellesmere Port as it seems to be only a 15min train ride away from the main Chester station?

  • Simon Whitrod wrote (see)

     Ellesmere Port


    Not sure there is a direct train from EP to Chester ?  The Wirral line splits at Hooton, with some trains going to Capenhurst and Chester, and others going EP and Helsby

  • Daves right no train. Why have the hassle anywAy?

  • Ellesmere Port's not convenient. Nor are most travelodges if you're arriving on the train. Look somewhere like expedia, there are loads of independent hotels and B&B's along Hoole Road, they're probably your best bet now

  • Premier Inn on city road, the Travelodge on St John St work ok for the train and the marathon 


    Ellesmere Port isn't continent for anything ! 

  • So you're saying Ellesmere Port is incontinent Dave? 

  • Fecking iPad ! 

    Then again...........

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