Anyone fancy a swim?

.. and swimming all the way to the US?!

Jeez. That is one cool cat.


  • image Please say someone has already started to bombard Caz with requested on farsebook to do this? image

  • the water would be too warm for caz image

  • Yes but other dangers await. To be fair, sounds like she had an easy time of it - no storms or box jellyfish, and she EVEN had a shark scarer! Tch. She looked absolutely f*%^%d when she got out.

  • I had jelly fish, and a seal!

    Yes, I've known for a couple of weeks that she was going to attempt it again and have been following the threads that have plotted her progress.

    But its not one I would do.  It involves going to America... and its full of Americans over there image

  • Amazing feat that she has done. Something like 53 hours swimming!!

    I wonder how long it will be before someone else manages it, I reckon a long time, it just seems so extremely challenging.

  • Awesome achievement, Times reported yesterday that it costs $500k per attempt. Perhaps after raising that, the swim is probably the easy bit....

  • I can't believe her first attempt was in 1978? the year I was born...Amazing achievement!

  • $500k?!!? It only costs around £4-£5000 to do the channel, so why so much? (Supercaz might pull me up on this).

  • Channel is about £3000 immediate costs but I estimated it cost me about £6000 with all the associatd costs.

    Not sure why hers would be so much.  Obviously the boat crew will need to be more substantial as they would need to work shifts and can't be expected to be awake and alert for the whole swim so that might bring the costs up to something like £10,000.  I guess she would need to get permission from the local authorities and they might charge, and insist on additional medical crew and equipment on board.

    I can see how it would get up towards £50,000 plus there will be the cost of her and the crew all getting to the start.  Insurance might also cost a lot, for her and the crew, and she won't have the NHS to call on.

    I guess all these things add up and work out to be substantial in the end.

  • And Cuba isn't exactly on the friendliest of terms with the USA, so getting Visas and Permits for all the crew, the boat, the entry into Cuban waters, etc might have required a few "special costs" to be allocated.

    Do you think that she needed to fund her own helicopter on standby?

  • I suppose thats possible Blisters.  I'm not familiar with the regulations for that part of the world.  Over here you take out insurance to pay for the helicopter to take you to hospital if you need it.

  • Supercaz - that £3000 gets you a pilot, captain and boat? Do you have to swim home after?

  • Snap a mate of mine worked in cuba a few years ago (caz JIP if you remember him from the wedding) and even through he was always traveling to the US for the job he had to get stamped via canada each time becuase of the usa side of the visa. Getting back into cuba after wasn't any problems. I'm thinking getting back into the us might have been a bigger problem than the swim. image

  • Some people have been known to swim home Snap! but generally the boat is contracted to bring you back unless you are too naughtyimage

    £3000 gets you pilot, boat, crew, independent observer, any fees the pilot has to pay to the sea authorities, costs of registering the swim and the certificate.  I also included the medical in that, but you have to arrange that separately.

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