Large blister on bottom of foot ( please help)

Hi, I somehow got a very large bliser ( larger than a £2 coin on the bottom of my foot) from running, I dont fully understand how I got it as I didnt run very far and have run nearly every day this year.
 Anyway I dont know what to do about it as I have school tomorrow, I got the blister yesterday so left it overnight. I can not walk on it as it is very painful so I am finding myself walking on the side of my foot which also hurts and is awkward and I am worried of turning my ankle over.
 I have some dressings I could put on tomorrow but they dont help much, any advice please?


  • Hi,

    i got a very sore foot (ball of foot ) from running not a blister exactly but a burning pain. After trying various pads, I found a gel filled pull on bandage from Boots which really cushioned the sore area. It may be worth a try for your blister.

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