First ever event

So, how do you prepare yourself for an event? I have been running on and off for about a year and am running my first ever event on Sunday and nerves are starting to get the better of me. Any tips on how to handle them please?

Thank you in advance


  • Err what is there to be nervous about ? 

    Land you are doing it for pleasure aren't you 

  • DON'T PANIC!!!!!

    That's about it really if your doing a race and tapering at the moment you will probably climb the walls for a few day's before hand. Personally I'm a nightmare before a race and a big of nerves even now and I'm am old f*rt. Something I find useful to keep my mind of it is a good DVD box set or visiting family or friend's. What race are you doing?

  • I am doing run to the beat. I have never run with more than a small group and am really excited about the event itself, just nervous of the distance. I have completed the 14 miles before and comfortably run 9 regularly but my training was rudely interrupted by life so not as prepared as I'd like to be.

  • Don't worry and enjoy yourself. If it's any help see you at the start line I'll be the fat bloke talking carp. image

  • But how well do you know your Carp? You seem more a Bass man?image 

    Good luck for Sunday to you both.

  • Are you in the black pen or are you faster than me??!

  • you'll be fine! Enjoy your first event

  • I have done a number of the hardest ultra marathons in the UK, and no event has ever intimidated me more than my first half marathon. 

    The reality however is that very little can actually go wrong in event of 14 miles.  The completion rate is pretty darn near 100% for events of this kind.  Having a bad day, just means a slightly worse time than you might have hoped for. 

  • Mimly- you do know it's only 13.1 not 14 ?

    Less reason to be nervous.

    Have a great race - its always better once you start.
  • I was terrified before my first London Marathon (also my first event) and almost cried on the tube image but I just got chatting to people around me and found that a lot of people were feeling the same and it wasn't just me.

  • Mimly, don't worry, the event is the best bit after all that training. Don't forget to take what's happening, and remember everyone there want's you to enjoy your experience.  

    Hold back when you start running and all the best.


  • Thanks everyone image I am starting to get excited about it, although pretty sure my training isn't as it should have been! Still, I know I can do the distance and run 9 milers regularly so am quietly optimistic. I've just been planning my pre race nutrition, eek!

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