Anyone run with a garmin edge 810?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone runs with a Garmin Edge 810 bike computer. Anyone have any experience of this? Does it work ok? I would have it tucked in to my bum bag or backpack.

I'm trying to decide between Garmin 910XT watch and Edge 810 bike computer. They both have barometric altimeter, long battery life, cadence for cycling and more. However, the Edge 810 has mapping so I thought for my longer runs I could use it instead of the forerunner 210 watch I normally use. 


Khan (Wrath of)


  • I would also like to hear people's views

  • Not the 810 but I've been running with the Edge 500 for a few years now (even bought a watch strap that works with it). I use it for long days in the hillsand ultras; the only two downsides are that it's fairly (but not too) bulky, and it doesn't give a pace reading (only speed).  Not sure if the 810 gives pace?

  • 810 also only gives speed. Not a deal breaker for me. I bought the 810 and just recorded my last ride as a course on the map so i can do it when my friend is not about. He's super happy too as we won't have to stop and re-read the map all the time now too!

  • Yeah, I used to think like that untill I started doing structured sessions and racing; now pace is probably the most important stat (next to distance).

  • I use the edge 705 on bike and runs, find it very accurate and reliable. Fits nicely into a little shoulder strap I got for a few quid on amazon. If I had a choice now I'd go for the 910XT though, an all-in-one solution. (I also swim).

    Mapping - purely personal preference: I like learning my way and a bit of unexpected navigational correction once in a while on a longer journey.

  • if you're a cyclist mostly and just occasionally run, i'd get the edge, if you're anything else, go with the 910 imo. much more versitile, much more running features, swimming if thats your thing also. 

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