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I've recently got back into running after a long break. Im taking it really slowly with a walk/run programme and have made sure I have new, decent trainers and so on. 

Despite this I seem to have developed an injury image My left ankle starts to hurt after about 2 minutes of walking, this started while walking back to the car from the airport so not even on a run.   strangely it eases off  a little when I jog but then hurts more again when I go back to walking. The pain is on the inside of my left foot around the sticking out bone bit if that makes sense - does anyone have any idea what this could be?? a sprain maybe? or something worse? I don't know whther to keep running gently, stop altogether or what?

Advice or experience from other runners will be greatly appreciated!! image


  • What does your Doctor think is wrong with you ? 

  • you have to wait two weeks for an appointment so I can't ask him unil my app next week. 

  • Runner or non-runner? view one is rest and wait till it goes completely, the other is keep running but take it easy, assuming that's possible. If we all took the Docs advice as gospel, few of us would still be running, also in two weeks most simple things will ahve gone, so book the appointment but cancel if it goes.

  • managed to get it brought forward as they had a cancellation - hee was completely useless though and basically said 'erm - well that's strange i don;t really know' and looked blank.... his advice was changed my trainers or don't run. i guess i'll rest it for a few days and try again!

  • It might go with rest but personally I'd see a physio - if you have strained something then there'll be a weakness. A physio will treat the problem if needed but will give you strengthening exercises to prevent a repeat. It may well be a tight/weak muscle at the root of this and resting may not sort it.

  • I get a pain there sometimes. I think there's a tendon that comtrols the direction you point your foot, supinating ? 


  • Thanks all - I think i will rest it a couple of days and then try some slow running - if there is still a twinge I'll seek out a physio... it's so frustrating as I want to get stuck in!!

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