This is odd

I went for a run with my club tonight, we did about 7 miles.  I wore my Garmin Forerunner 305 as usual, and also as usual I didn't wear the chest strap to get a heart rate reading. But (and this is not usual) when I uploaded the data from my 305 I had a heart rate reading for the run. It looks like it was accurate too, because I do occasionally wear the chest strap just to check my heart rate and so I know what the readings are likely to be. I wonder if it's possible for a 305 to pick up a signal from some where on my body without me wearing the chest strap. Maybe the heart itself gives off a bit of an electronic signal?


  • if you were on a club run then it would have picked up the reading from one of your fellow runners heart would have locked onto the nearest one....

  • As Seren says it must be picking up the signal from someone else's strap.

    I'd only start to worry if this was happening when you are running on your own.
  • You mention several things that are not unusual, sounds like Tom Jones syndrome to me.

  • Why why why ?
  • Yes good point, I was running with other people who had Garmins on. I never thought of that.

    It's not unusual to go out for a run

    It's not unusual to check on how you've done

    But when you get home and see a high heart rate

    It's a relief to know it belongs to your mate.


  • Delila...

    Yup, turn your watch on away from other members and that should help (unless they have a good steady HR and you want to use it)

  • it's when it picks up both and shows HR350 ....

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