why are the running gods against??

Hi all,

Sorry to be a whinge-bag but my husband is fed up of hearing me moan - I'm trying to get back to running and just keep getting injury after injury!  I'm doing a really slow walk/run programme and haven't done anymore than 1.5 miles at a go yet but so far:

week 1 - shin splints.

week 2 - pain in arch

week 3 - pain in ankle

I've invested in decent runners which support my over pronation and i'm resting and only run/walking 3 times per week - it's soooooo frustrating as I had planned to join a running club this week but at this rate will be watching form the sides image  maybe it's not meant to be.  Has anyone else had this much difficultly getting going??


  • Hi Sara, newbie to running myself and started July last year (was just 53 then). I found that every time I went out for a run a part of me would ache so stretched that part only to find that another part of me ached the next run (so stretched that). Then I realised that I was trying to run too quickly and yes, even if you run/walk you maybe be doing the run portion too quickly.

    I've sort of been HADDing since February this year and can now run for a good 2 hours without niggles (albeit it slowly) and my LSR is up to 20 miles with walk breaks up the steeper hills and have to say I don't stretch anymore but guess I should.

    And hey, I thought a Womens role was to moan at their husbandimage

  • Yes. In that order. Also pains at the side of the knees. I think the arch and ankle stuff was just adaptation to new loads, I still get it sometimes when I extend a long run. the shin and knee pain seemd to sort out when I concentrated on form and running really gently.

    I think three times a week with rest between is sensible when starting, it gives a chance for the body to adapt  and heal between sessions.

  • It is tough starting out. It just seems to be one injury after another at the beginning. As said above ease into it and you will get past this stage of niggle after niggle.

  • Thanks everyone - that really helps image I think I will give today's run a go and just keep it slow and short - maybe join the running club next week instead. It's so annoying because this didnt happen when I ran a few years ago - Ive had a baby since then though and I suppose that knocks everything out of wack!

  • after a few days rest I just did a very slow 20 min walk/run - pain free. hopefully i can now start to build on this and get going!!

  • It might be an idea just to build up brisk walking first everyday if possible , it helps condition the legs for running again , I did a lot of walking when I tried to start running 2 years ago and found it helped me a lot .image

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