Frustrating situation

Hi folks,

Background - whilst on vacation back in July (early) I got what I thought was an achilles/calf injury whilst out on a run.  I stopped running for 4-5 weeks and went to the gym/walked instead.

I resumed running mid-August, took part in a 10k race which went well, after which during runs I started getting lower back pain - I figured this was because I hadn't run in a while.  Note that all of my running has been on hard surfaces, and I have not bought new shoes yet which I need to do.

No longer get lower back pain, but the last 3 runs my speed has dropped considerably and I feel really tired.  I have been run/walking these runs to allow for adapation and building up fitness again.

I have a half-marathon looming on Saturday and am wondering whether to take part or just walk it.

Maybe I need to start from scratch and build up the distance again.



  • Update: Got legs looked at - it was Achilles tendinitis.  Having shock therapy and ART done so should be good in 2 weeks but won't be running half marathon tomorrow.

  • Hi,

    thanks for your message.  The place I went to is a sports injury clinic which specializes in ART treatment, and a handful of physio treatments including low intensity laser therapy which essentially breaks down the damaged muscle fibres resulting in the restoration of normal cell function and enhancement of body's healing processes.  This is what I had done pre ART.

    i never went to my GP but went straight to physio after self-diagnosis which turned out to be right.

    hope you get your pain sorted out.  Sounds like you are well on your way.

  • Flob - what did your GP/phsio say?

  • Got new shoes now.... going to continue training over the winter but no more races until 2014. 

    More physio on Friday (they say the healing process is going well) so fingers crossed.  They put on that special coloured physio tape on each leg which apparently works wonders (?!). 

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