Aching leg


Everytime I run at the moment no matter what the distance afterwards my right leg aches for about three/four days, it even wakes me in the night when I turn over, I have never had this before and have been running for over a year - am getting worried as have a half marathon coming up real soon and need to be fit for that - any advice would be greatlky appreciated

Thanks Karen


  • Karen - whole leg?  Tender to touch anywhere?

    Also, give an idea of your overall training load / mileage

  • Louise - originally it was just a slight knee ache, but over the poast few weeks it has been the whole leg it is not tender to touch it just a dull ache all over, walk to work each day, then run 2-3 times a week average milage is around 15/20 miles a week

  • Karen, I presume you are planning to consult a professional?  I know it can take a while sometimes to get to the right specialist.  Anyway, if it started in the knee, that's probably where the root cause is; you may have been trying to compensate unconsciously, and stressed various other muscles in the process.  I'd suggest a complete rest for a few days, try to elevate the knee and ice it.  Maybe some ibuprofen or similar, depending on what you personally can / cannot tolerate.  Once the ache dies down go for a trial run and see what flares up (but still, see a professional!).

    My left knee cartilage problem turned into right quad strain before I sorted it out (lots of general strengthening work, physio and surgery).

    Good luck. 

  • Thanks Louise, I will do thatimage

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